Crime, Security and Privacy

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Since entering the second decade of the 21st World, the world’s rapidly developing economy has entered the right curve, and the three-year plague has accelerated the economic downturn. Research shows that unemployment can lead to social unrest, especially the youth unemployment rate is worth paying attention to (I think it should even refer to “male” youth here), with the unemployment tide, unrest in Europe and the United States, and street demonstrations broke out frequently, even more than 2008. With the continued impact of the financial crisis, people in Shanghai are also taking to the streets by reading WeChat today. In addition, high unemployment will increase the crime rate and affect social security, and the possibility of migrant workers participating in crime will increase significantly. The American movie “The Big Short” said that “for every 1% increase in the unemployment rate, 40,000 people will die.” According to the research, the actual number is 37,000, of which homicides account for about 650. Similar domestic related research data show that in the short term, when the endogenous problems of economic growth and health are not considered, the death rate decreases by 3.7% for every percentage point reduction in the unemployment rate. Over the years, the unemployment rate announced by the National Bureau of Statistics has been very stable at only about 4%. In 2020 and 2021, it is only 4.2% and 4%. In April 2022, the national urban survey unemployment rate was 6.1%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points from March. percentage point. I was worried that the economic downturn would lead to the deterioration of public security, and what happened recently in Tangshan is even more shocking. I don’t mean to say that this is an anti-gang issue or a gender issue. As an individual, the only thing I can do now is to think about buying some security equipment. I bought a self-defense spray and electronic cat eyes. First of all, I don’t agree that women who resist with weapons will definitely be killed. Many girls are brainwashed by such articles from the bottom of their hearts. When they say that they are in danger, they feel that they must be defeated. Think of a 6-year-old child holding a dagger and wanting to be empty-handed. It’s not easy to win a blade, think about Deng Yujiao’s pedicure knife again, and give yourself a little more courage. But from the actual point of view, in case of danger, of course, if you can run, you can run, and give priority to the police. Untrained women are really not suitable for self-defense with blunt weapons such as throwing sticks. They have insufficient strength and insufficient deterrence. If you use a knife, there are often problems such as excessive defense, so the priority is self-defense spray, strong light flashlight and the like. Self-defense spray, also known as pepper spray, is now unavailable on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, so many people think it is a contraband, but according to the current laws and consultations from some lawyers, pepper spray is first divided into police and civilian use. , If the general civilian pepper spray only contains pure natural capsaicin, it is not a contraband if it is produced and sold by a formal and qualified manufacturer, because there is no clear legal restriction. Much smaller than daggers and other controlled knives; and some suspected illegal sales, including police products or Sanwu products, especially sprays containing tear gas ingredients, such as CS, CN and other chemical agents, are definitely illegal drugs. Speaking of which, Hong Kong lists general chili spray as a prohibited product, but does not ban air guns, which is quite speechless. At present, the most convenient e-commerce platforms such as Suning and WeChat Mall should be the products of Beijing Zhongyiluo Technology, and other civil defense products such as Shandong Zhongdun have no channels. Electronic cat eyes, also known as video doorbells, sometimes I think it is a pseudo demand. But I live alone, and I hear knocks on the door from time to time. Sometimes no one answers, and no one even opens the door. I was knocked on the door more than once in the middle of the night, so I decided to buy one. The electronic cat’s eye is not so much a doorbell as it is a camera monitor. Other fancy functions are not very practical, mainly to avoid being followed as much as possible. Electronic cat’s eye is a very controversial product. There is no doubt that monitors and cameras violate privacy. Now, in order to protect themselves, people take the initiative to install monitoring equipment in their living spaces. I don’t know whether these data will be leaked, causing A bigger danger? And even for safety, it is still collecting images in public areas, suspected of violating the privacy rights of others, and there may still be disputes between neighbors. Colleagues said that after installing electronic cat eyes, they accidentally saw the aunt upstairs take away the cardboard box at the door of the house, and then kept it at the door until the aunt came to pick it up; some people said that they did not know if the neighbors had installed them, so what time did they go home? The time will be known clearly, which is another hidden worry. When it comes to surveillance, I always think of Nine Knives’ “The Tenant Downstairs”. I used to read it only as an urban novel. I don’t know what the future will be like in this world where surveillance is everywhere. 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