“Dabo Intelligence” launched AGV three-dimensional parking solution, combining software and hardware to double the number of parking spaces

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Parking difficulty has become a common topic. On the one hand, there is a shortage of parking space and more and more parking spaces are vacant. Therefore, it is urgent to increase the number of parking spaces and improve the utilization rate of parking spaces. On the other hand, for property owners and property owners, parking spaces are expensive and time-consuming to maintain. laborious. At the same time, favorable policies in recent years have also continuously promoted the transformation of urban parking facilities.

At this stage, there are two common transformation modes in the parking lot: “flat-to-stand” and AGV parking. Dr. Fu Jian, founder of Dabo Intelligence, told 36氪 that although the traditional three-dimensional parking lot can effectively increase the parking space, in the process of parking, the car is often scratched, and the parking experience of the owner is poor. The traditional AGV parking automation operation has relatively high investment costs, but the number of parking spaces that can actually be improved is relatively small.

Based on this, “Dabo Intelligent”, established in 2018, focuses on the overall solution of intelligent AGV three-dimensional parking. Dr. Fu Jian introduced to 36氪: “The heavy-duty lifting robot is actually transformed from a logistics traction trolley. In contrast, the current parking robot can carry a weight of about 3 tons, and has visual positioning and navigation and multi-collaboration. scheduling system.”

Specifically, the overall solution for intelligent AGV three-dimensional parking proposed by Dabo Intelligence is a combination of software and hardware to increase the supply of parking spaces and optimize parking scheduling, thereby improving the efficiency of individual parking spaces and parking lots.


Dabo Smart Products

In terms of parking space increments, Dabo Intelligence is based on heavy-duty handling and lifting technology, using heavy-duty lifting AGVs to achieve one-to-two parking spaces, and also by transforming vehicle aisles to increase parking spaces on the upper floors of the aisles. In addition, according to Dr. Fu Jian, if the parking lot is fully parked, the location where the car carrier is placed can also be used as a parking space.

“In terms of maintenance costs, the traditional mechanical three-dimensional parking lot has a complex structure, and every 20 parking spaces must be equipped with a certified maintenance person, and the long-term maintenance requires high manpower and money costs. What Dabo Smart realizes is an unmanned parking lot, and only one technician needs to be on duty.”

On the other hand, Dabo Intelligent has developed a simulation system by itself. Before the project is launched, the parking requirements can be simulated according to the drawings, such as the parking time, AGV operation, heavy traffic congestion, etc. Thereby, the design plan is output, including the layout of parking spaces, the number of handover areas, the driving route of the robot, and the cost reference.

After the project is implemented, the simulation system solves the problem of parking and picking up vehicles during peak hours by forming a tidal traffic flow solution. First of all, the machine learns the tidal time of traffic flow, and switches most of the handover areas to the entrance during the peak parking period, and switches to the exit during the peak period of picking up the car. Secondly, when a large number of vehicles are queuing up, the vehicles are first placed in the buffer zone, and the system will schedule according to the user’s parking profile. Long-term parking vehicles are closer to the interior, and short-term parking vehicles are parked near the junction area.

The advantage of this is that it not only reduces queuing time, but also makes parking more convenient and intelligent. The car owner parks the car in the handover area, and the follow-up is completed by the AGV. Parking and pick-up are reserved through the APP or applet.


Dapor Parking Example

Dr. Fu Jian believes that the core advantages of Dabo Intelligence lie in the scheduling system and positioning accuracy. “The dispatching system needs to control and coordinate the cooperation, avoidance, and execution efficiency between robots, and the positioning accuracy will directly affect the overall parking cooperation efficiency.” Plan and adjust routes.

At present, Dabo has implemented actual projects in Xiong’an New District of Hebei Province, Fuzhou City of Fujian Province, and Guangzhou, focusing on projects such as parking lot renovation or new construction, and charging and parking of new energy vehicles.

In terms of future planning, Dr. Fu Jian revealed to 36氪 that Dabo Intelligence will continue to expand the applicable scenarios of AGV three-dimensional parking solutions, such as old residential parking lots, small parking buildings, outdoor parking lots, etc. “Taking an interior renovation project as an example, the difficulty lies in the floor height. The floor height must be at least four meters after the ventilation pipes, fire protection and pipe beams are removed.”

In terms of product iteration, Dabo plans to launch an outdoor parking lot scheme, applying waterproof AGV and modular combined handover area. “This not only increases the scope of application of the AGV three-dimensional parking scheme, but also can directly apply for construction according to the equipment, reducing approval procedures.” In addition, Dabo Intelligence will also launch cluster robots to realize cluster movement and handling.

In terms of team, Fu Jian, founder and chief scientist of Dabo Intelligence, is the director of the 3D Imaging Center of South China Institute of Industrial Technology, Zhejiang University. He has published more than 50 SCI academic papers and applied for more than 60 national patents.


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