Dada Group returns to JD Retail CEO Xin Lijun is CEO


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Pinwan, August 22nd, according to Sina Technology, Dada Group officially returned to JD.

According to reports, in February this year, completed the transaction of subscribing for Dada Group’s issuance of ordinary shares. increased its holdings in Dada Group with US$546 million in cash and certain strategic resources as consideration. After the transaction was completed, held Dada Group’s About 52% of the shares, as the largest shareholder. At present, Dada Group has two brands, Dada Express and JD Daojia. Dada Group’s financial report for the first quarter of 2022 shows that Dada Express’ revenue was 623 million yuan, down 30.3% from the same period last year; JD Daojia’s revenue was 1.4 billion yuan, an 80% year-on-year increase. The revenue growth of JD Daojia was mainly due to consumption Driven by the growth in the number of customers and the average order size. Judging from the financial report, JD Daojia is gradually becoming the revenue pillar of Dada Group, accounting for 70%.

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