Indian higher education platform Sunstone announces $35 million in Series C funding


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There are thousands of management colleges and institutions in India, but most institutions are under-saturated except for the number one ranked management colleges and institutions. And their courses are relatively outdated, making students have certain problems in terms of employment. “Sunstone” saw the business opportunity and cooperated with these academic institutions to help them improve the skills of students for employment.

According to TechCrunch reports, an Indian higher education start-up company “Sunstone” has just completed a Series C financing. This round was led by WestBridge Capital and Alteria Capital participated in the investment, with a financing amount of 35 million US dollars. To date, “Sunstone” has raised about $68 million.

“Sunstone” was established in 2019 to help students find jobs by offering a variety of additional courses. “Sunstone” currently provides services for undergraduate and graduate students in more than 40 institutions in nearly 30 cities in India, and hopes that all institutions it cooperates with can achieve the improvement of education quality and equal employment opportunities for students.

Piyush Nangru, the co-founder of “Sunstone”, said that many colleges have not even reached half of the planned enrollment, which makes their teaching work unable to carry out normally, unable to accumulate high-quality resources, and the quality of education will inevitably be affected. “Sunstone” can provide skills courses for students of these institutions to improve the quality of their education.

In addition to this, “Sunstone” provides students with hundreds of hours of “basic” courses. “Take the MBA for example. It’s a 900-hour program that covers things like accounting, marketing, and finance. But a lot of that is out of date, so we’ve added an extra 600 hours—half job-seeking skills and also Half are focused on soft skills,” explains Piyush Nangru.

Ashish Munjal, co-founder and CEO of Sunstone, said: “The Indian higher education system is on the verge of a transformation that is long overdue. Sunstone is well-positioned to bring about this change and affect millions of Student work and life. While we have made significant progress towards this goal over the years, we still have a long way to go. “

“Sunstone” said that in the past two years, its business has grown 10 times, and it is still focused on the management school. But the founders said that “Sunstone” plans to expand into engineering and other vertical technology fields, and this round of financing provides sufficient funds for its expansion.

“In the past year, we have seen the growth of ‘Sunstone’. It strives to give every student a better education. People’s demand for high-quality educational resources is constantly growing. We are very happy to participate in it and support the education cause of “Sunstone”. We hope to see changes in higher education in India in the future. ” said Sandeep Singhal, managing partner at WestBridge Capital.

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