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Vincent van Gogh was known for his landscapes, still lifes, and self-portraits, but he also created many portraits during his lifetime. Today we introduce you to one of them – “Papa Dongy”, one of his three paintings depicting Julian Dongy. Tanguy was a painting supplies dealer who sold art supplies and an art dealer who was one of the first to sell Van Gogh paintings. His cheerful appearance and passion for art and artists made his shop one of the most popular art shops in Paris, and he was nicknamed Père (“Papa”). Donkey is a smart guy. He accepted paintings as payment for paint, which, Emile Bernard said, brought him into Dongui’s shop in Montmartre, which was filled with Impressionist paintings like a “museum visit”.

In 1886 Van Gogh left the Netherlands for Paris. Although Van Gogh was influenced by Dutch masters, coming to Paris meant his exposure to Impressionism, Symbolism, Pointillism and Japanese art. In today’s work we see how the brightly coloured paintings and confident subjects represent a shift in van Gogh’s attitude. Van Gogh referred to his use of bright colors as “gymnastics”, creating great depth, harmony and balance in his work through experimentation. The backdrop for the painting is a Japanese print that Van Gogh sold at Don Giuseppe’s shop. On Donji’s hat is Mount Fuji; on the back wall are geishas and cherry blossoms in full bloom.

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116.3 x 98 cm


Musée Rodin

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