Detailed process control, Go lang1.18 introductory refining tutorial, from Bai Ding to Hongru, Go lang process structure detailed EP09

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The process structure refers to how the program logic is executed, and furthermore, the sequence in which the program executes the logic. As we all know, the whole program is executed from top to bottom, but sometimes, it is not just as simple as executing from top to bottom. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of flow control structures in Golang programs: sequence structure, selection structure, loop structure. Sequential structure: execute line by line from top to bottom; selection structure: if the condition is met, some codes will be executed, 0-1 times; loop structure: if the condition is met, some codes will be executed repeatedly, 0-N Conditional judgment of the secondary selection structure if/else The languages ​​on the market have if/else logic, the logic is very simple, as long as the condition is met, the logic of the conditional code block will be executed: if boolean expression {/* is true in the boolean expression execute */}if boolean expression {/* execute when boolean expression is true */}else…

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