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So many things happened in July, and it’s still a little bit unbearable…

First of all, the weather is too hot. Although it is still incomparable with China, I have a greater reaction in the summer in China. Summer is really the enemy of my life, the kind that cannot be reconciled! ! !

Because I live in the mountains, it’s still somewhat cooler than the city, but in July it’s not enough, I can’t sleep without the air conditioner. But this is the most irreconcilable conflict between me and Brother 9 – our feelings about heat are so different! ! ! I was hot to death, he felt just right. I remember that one day at the beginning of this month, I was woken up by the heat at 5 o’clock in the morning. I was sweating all over, and my chest was tight and I couldn’t breathe. As a result, I even felt nauseous when I ate breakfast, it was just too hot, and a bunch of mild heatstroke symptoms. I came home from get off work in the evening and told Brother 9, he actually said that he felt very cool in the morning, and even after I left, he turned off the air conditioner and slept comfortably with the quilt…

I was really speechless! Because Brother 9 has never been able to understand how hot I am and how hard it is to breathe, he has never understood the fact that I have to turn on the 24-degree air conditioner to sleep. Until one day, I had a prickly heat on my neck… He said he couldn’t understand how such an adult would have prickly heat, but he finally understood how hot I was. I just thought how I woke up in a sweat every morning, it turned out to be because he slept too cold and would adjust the air conditioner to 25 or even 26 degrees at night…

Because I was really hot and uncomfortable, and I was really uncomfortable, so Brother 9 compromised. He won’t turn up the air conditioner now, but he will also feel cold, so he is ready to hold a thicker quilt for him if it is really too cold.

It’s really hard…

Oh, by the way, my little computer is broken, and suddenly it can’t be turned on. And now I finished this log by borrowing Brother 9’s computer… and when uploading photos, I found that my host’s SSL seems to be down? After careful research, it turned out that the host had changed its IP, and it was changed in June, but I never found out! Immediately re-parse, re-enable SSL, and need to wait for caching or something. So the log was finished yesterday, and it has only been sent out now…

There is no plan to buy a new computer for the time being. After that, the update will depend on Brother 9’s computer, so it will be more casual. But it’s definitely not going to stop!

Received love from moms this month! Originally, there were still two bags, but the customs did not send them because of the magnets. In fact, it should be possible to ship by sea, but wait for the next time!


The two woolen hats above were knitted by my mother. The little yellow hats are the result of last winter. This year, because I planned to make a bag for me, I knitted another gray one, but the bag was not sent. =”=

The following two sun hats were made by my mother-in-law. One day, Brother 9 suddenly asked me about my head circumference and sent me a bunch of pictures. When I asked, I said that my mother-in-law was too bored to be isolated at home, so I DIYed some small things. Then I chose a style and ended up sending two tops hahaha! Don’t worry about hats this summer and winter!

I still continued to exercise this month, but I reduced the frequency of aerobic exercise and increased anaerobic training. I feel that I still need to practice the strength of the core, and because the legs have always been thick, the training of the legs is also very important. But I don’t want to be in a hurry and want thin legs. I just want to do local training. I think of these two parts first.


Taking advantage of the activities, I bought yoga balls and light weight dumbbells. Facts tell me I’m not wrong, my current muscle mass really can’t support my dumbbells that are too heavy, this small one is enough!

As for the yoga ball is really very good! ! ! I watched a lot of videos about yoga balls, and they all said that I regretted buying them, because I couldn’t hold him at all, and they ran around when doing movements. I tried it myself, except for the most difficult movements, I could basically do it stably, and the ball wouldn’t run around. I reflected on it, is it true that my core strength is not as weak as I think? Anyway, I love yoga balls! ! ! But the day I bought it, I was really exhausted when I inflated it for him, and it took a long time to fill it up. I bought a ball with a diameter of 65cm, as well as 75 and 55. After thinking about it, I bought the middle one. Now that I think about it, the 55 is enough. But lying on it is really comfortable! Love love love! ! !

Empty bottles are coming here this month! As a result, the first month I moved in, there were so many empty bottles, and I was speechless!


skin care section

body hair care

  • Haba Hand Cream : This hand cream is ok. After applying it, it is very refreshing but moisturizing enough, and there is no fragrance! It’s a degree that can be repurchased!

  • INFINITY shampoo : This is a non-foaming lotion texture, which is cool and comfortable when massaging the scalp. After rinsing, no conditioner is needed and it will not be astringent. After drying, the hair still has a very light feeling. Although it works well, I still prefer to use bubbles…

  • ines Scalp Massage Conditioner : In fact, this is generally recommended to be used 1-2 times a week. I don’t follow it very much. I use it when I think of it. As a result, this bottle has been used for half a year. I used it for the first time because I liked it so much, I stocked up 4 bottles before and after, but I only used 1 bottle now, eh…

  • L’Occitane Rose Shower Gel & Body Lotion : I don’t like this fragrance very much in the lucky bag I bought the shampoo… The body lotion doesn’t work as well as I imagined. It’s quite ordinary, the kind you won’t spend money on.

  • Arouge Lip Balm Essence : The 8th empty bottle, I’m still stocking up, not much to say.

  • Belluga Conditioner : This product ends my preference for conditioners, let’s use a hair restorer, no comparison.

Makeup part

  • NARS eye primer : I bought it last summer and liked it so much that I stocked up two more at the end of the year. As a result, the first one took nearly a year to run out, and I feel like I have more stockpiled…

  • Shu Uemura eyebrow dye seal brown : The color is really easy to use, and the brush head is really easy to use. The counter products are really good! Opened the counter line of eyebrow dye, and may try various brands later!

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