Stay away from the second-class card, otherwise you will become unfortunate – the actual combat note of the Bank of China’s credit card being frozen by the anti-fraud center

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In mid-July, my Bank of China credit card received a text message “suspended by the issuing bank” during the consumption process. At that time, I thought I was afraid that I would not repay the money or spend a lot of money, so I called the credit card customer service phone for the first time and said that the comprehensive evaluation was suspended and could not be processed online, so I had to go to an offline outlet. Then I went to the branch to check the status of the card, so I started the processing of a rare case of freezing credit cards without remarks in the whole network. I also searched for similar cases, and almost no one added a solution (for example, only the problem has no solution ), but there are many frozen debit cards (many are illegal activities such as online gambling WD, running score PF, etc.).

too long to watch

To put it simply, opening multiple financial accounts in a short period of time (including second-class virtual accounts, those that are not face-to-face, and those that are opened online by the App) is listed as a risk object, and then the debit card is not frozen but the credit card is frozen (confused. ?)

Through the leadership message board of People’s Daily Online, I directly complained to the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and soon the bank staff and public security staff came to contact me to complete the processing and unfreeze the credit card.

Freeze performance

Received a bank SMS notification: “The linked account of your credit card 3499 has been suspended by the issuing bank on July 12, 2022. [Bank of China]”

The status of the bank card shows “Normal”, and the quota management shows “Trial calculation of zero quota card application for double quota (00015)”

Payment is not available on all payment platforms.

You can use the bank’s debit card for repayment in the Bank of China App, and others have not been tested.

Notice on recovery: “The linked account of your credit card 3499 can be used normally on August 5, 2022. [Bank of China]”

Counter processing

After freezing for a period of time, I found that it still did not return to normal (there is a kind of freezing that is automatically released or renewed after 1-3 days of freezing), so I found a time to go to the counter to check.

Then I went to the counter of ordinary personal business, and the teller directly said that the card system was displayed normally, and there was no problem, and asked me to go to the “personal loan service” area for consultation

The teller in the loan area couldn’t find out the situation at first, and then asked me to pay a sum to see if it could be used, and then called the superior when it couldn’t be used, and then the superior told the anti-fraud center that it was frozen, but did not inform me that it was frozen. For details (such as the main person in charge, detailed contact information, reason for freezing, freezing period, freezing time limit, freezing verification, freezing initiator), you need to use the official account of “Fujian Police Anti-Fraud Consulting Hotline” to punish and appeal on it. Then I made a running order and asked me to go to the public account to upload (there is still no reply for more than a week, according to the experience of netizens , it is estimated that it is very, very slow)

At the same time, he told me that because it was a credit card, it was not acceptable to submit materials on-site to the anti-fraud center, and only the public account was given as a way to appeal. It also told me that I only need to submit materials online, and the anti-fraud center will automatically cancel it after processing, and I don’t need to go to the outlet again.

Telephone guidance 96110 process

The day after the consultation at the counter, I called the Bank of China credit card customer service again to inquire about the card and told the customer service that the reason for the suspension was “branch freeze”.

Then I contacted 96110-8-0, she told me that I need to contact the local anti-fraud center (extension number 1~ etc.) to check the status of the card or contact the bank’s senior management.

Then I contacted 96110-8-1 and told me that I might need to contact extension 0 for consultation, and this situation is generally reviewed by the provincial department.

Basically, the different departments of the bank phone and the Fujian Anti-Fraud Center are kicking each other’s balls.

People’s Daily Online Complaint Handling Process

When I searched for credit card related cases, I found that it may take a long time to process if it is a public account. At the same time I noticed that this site seems to work a little bit.

So I followed someone else’s template and left a message at , describing the situation and attaching the flow sheet from the bank.

I remember that a few days ago, a staff member from Bank of China or People’s Daily Online came to me to learn about the situation, and then I described my problem and seemed to report the problem to the relevant departments.

3 working days after the complaint, I received a call from the original branch, and told me that the reason why the freeze time, reason, contact information, applicant and other factors can be displayed like other people’s judicial freeze and public security freeze is because I am Credit card not debit card, if it is debit card they can check.

Six working days after the complaint, I received a call from the police officer of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, which is also from the Anti-Fraud Center. I learned about the situation with me, added a WeChat, and sent him the relevant information about the ID number and card number, and he helped him. I checked and told me that he received the task above to deal with this matter, but he couldn’t see it in the attachment of People’s Daily Online. Then WeChat called me back less than an hour after sending the information, saying that the reason for my freezing was that I had recently opened a large number of bank accounts, which were identified as the risk of reselling accounts. They asked me to explain, and then put Send a copy of the list of all cards to him with the reason for opening the card.

The next morning I consulted on the progress on WeChat again, and then he told me that I needed to write a small essay to explain the reason why so many cards have been opened recently, the number of card numbers and other information. It is a task issued by the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, which shows that the leadership message board of People’s Daily Online can indeed have a certain effect. Then after get off work in the afternoon, I received a text message from Bank of China saying that the credit card was resumed.

Stay away from second class cards or you’ll be unlucky

I had mistakenly thought that the system could automatically exclude Type II virtual accounts from being low-risk accounts without face verification, because according to relevant regulations, Type II cards that have not been verified can only be transferred and deposited through the bank card bound with the same name. Receive deposits from others, unbound, third-party institutions, and there is no U-shield or physical card, and it also has a 20W annual limit. It is difficult to be used as a money-laundering tool for illegal scams

According to the communication with the police officers, these second-class households are also at risk of fraud, and they are also within the scope of the card breaking operation. Virtual cards can also be used by fraud gangs for illegal and criminal activities through the Internet, not what I thought before. Only one type of physical card, and those accounts opened with U-Shield Internet Banking are regarded as cards that may be used for illegal and criminal activities. And seeing that I opened multiple accounts in a short period of time triggered the freeze .

In essence, there is only one reason for the freezing this time, a large number of accounts were opened in a short period of time.

Before, I thought it might be a problem of too much consumption (but I saved a few W in fixed deposit and current funds, but only consumed a few K), or the gateway of some overseas pheasant merchants of Alipay is poisonous, or the bank information review qualification and other issues have resulted in suspension. At the same time, this card only uses my debit card to make 3 repayments in UnionPay QuickPass. I wondered if the credit card repayment function of UnionPay QuickPass was stupid, but the result was not what I thought first. The problem is that I think the second-class virtual account can be opened casually without counting.

So to sum up, don’t open a second-class account if you have nothing to do, because if you don’t use it, it may freeze the anti-fraud center. It is best to go to the offline counter to apply for one or two first-class cards. The bank requires the limit to be limited (generally, the bank limit is at the level of 5K and 3K). If you want a high limit, you can refer to the idea of ​​​​this article https://www

I insist that I want to invest in stocks, invest in wealth management, buy third-party insurance, buy a car and buy a house (provide proof of assets if necessary), because the deposit and withdrawal with a third-party account for the quota (including Alipay and WeChat), and the second-class card has an annual 20W The standard limit of 1W per day, so basically it can’t meet these needs. A class of cards that require at least a limit, and the above all require a large amount of money. If you can prove that you have enough money to meet the conditions, I think it should be If the limit can be lifted, at least the daily limit can be increased.

Of course, in addition to various second-class households, some people also like to apply for credit cards (oracle bones) and debit cards with foreign labels (such as the popular Bank of China Great Wall Cross-border, Bank of China Monet, GF Express Debit Card, Industrial Express debit card, etc.), good-looking or rewarding debit cards (such as Bank of China Luotianyi co-branded card, Postal Savings Bank flash card), etc., please pay attention to the risks, it is not a problem to get one occasionally, don’t do it any day If I want to do it, I will do it all in one go and give it away.

And how many accounts did I open before being frozen?

  1. China Construction Bank opened a second-class card with trembling hands. Since I have a CCB first-class card, I have never used this card.
  2. Postal Savings Bank Class II card, it is only done after seeing the WeChat reward event. After charging 100 and spending 30, it will be out of the counter, and I haven’t solved it yet (it was out of the counter in the afternoon after the credit card was frozen).
  3. Ping An Bank’s second-class card was originally issued to see the pre-approval limit. It was processed at the same time as the above two and credit cards, but this card was used for the first time after the credit card was frozen.

That is to say, 3 second-class accounts (virtual accounts without face-to-face verification) and a newly activated credit card were opened within a week, of which 2 second-class accounts were completely unused, and 2 ICBC virtual second-class accounts were cancelled. Household, it is frozen + a non-cabinet .

Since the second-class account is basically open at will, so you need to open as much as you want, and don’t open it if it is useless. If you want to get a physical card, you can consider logging out immediately after opening.

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