Deng Yafeng, Dean of 360 Artificial Intelligence, left to start a business and entered the life sciences. He was a senior scientist at Baidu and CTO of Ge Ling Shentong.

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According to, Deng Yafeng, former vice president of 360 Group, president of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and general manager of the Search Division, attended the 2022 Natural Language Processing Summit last Saturday and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, Deng Yafeng made his first public appearance as the founder and CEO of Silicon Carbide Wisdom.

Carbon Silicon Wisdom is a technology company focusing on new drug research and development. It is positioned as an artificial intelligence infrastructure and service provider in the field of new drug research and development. The core concept is to use AI computing to drive life sciences.

According to Tianyancha news, Carbon Silicon Wisdom was established on October 12, 2021, and Deng Yafeng just changed to the legal representative of the company three days ago.

Deng Yafeng majored in electronic engineering at Beihang University as an undergraduate, and graduated from Tsinghua University with a major in artificial intelligence, focusing on computer vision research.

Deng Yafeng’s first job after graduation was doing artificial intelligence algorithms in a chip company. Later, he entered Alibaba Cloud through a start-up company and began to become attached to the Internet industry.

With the rise of deep learning in China, Deng Yafeng noticed the development potential of deep learning in the future, so he joined the Baidu Deep Learning Research Institute without hesitation and became a senior scientist.

During his tenure at Baidu, Deng Yafeng was mainly in charge of the face recognition direction. He has led the team many times to achieve excellent results in the mainstream face detection and face recognition algorithm competitions.

After leaving Baidu, Deng Yafeng joined Greening Shentong in August 2016 as the technical director, mainly responsible for the research and development of face recognition algorithms. So far, he has 14 years of research and development experience in artificial intelligence, especially computer vision, and has published more than ten papers in his past work, and obtained 95 national patents.

At that time, the AI ​​​​track was the hottest time. However, due to the unfavorable business landing, Greenshentong’s attempts in consumption, transportation and financial scenarios were repeatedly aborted, and the company’s cash flow was almost broken.

At the beginning of 2017, Zhao Yong, chairman of Geling Shentong and CTO, took up the position of CEO, and Deng Yafeng was promoted to CTO, and his professional role changed from a technical expert to a manager of a technical team of 100 people.

In 2020, Geling Shentong stepped out of the long period of silent development and gradually went on the right track. At the same time, Deng Yafeng left Geling Shentong to join 360 Group, succeeding Yan Shuicheng who joined Yitu Technology, and became the new institute of 360 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. long.

At 360, Deng Yafeng’s titles include the vice president of 360 Group, the dean of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and the general manager of the Search Division, managing a product technical team of about 400 people.

According to AI Nuggets News, he is also the vice president of 360 Group and the director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. In name, Deng Yafeng succeeds Yan Shuicheng. The outside world generally thinks that the positions of the two are the same, but they are actually different.

During his tenure at 360 Group, Yan Shuicheng held the positions of Vice President, Dean of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, and Chief Scientist, while Deng Yafeng was the Vice President of 360 Group, Dean of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and General Manager of the Search Division.

And Deng Yafeng’s position as general manager of 360 Search is actually unexpected, and there may be orders in danger.

In 2020, at that time, Yang Kang, the general manager of the search business of 360 Group, left, and moved to Byte to be the head of Qingbei Online School, and then served as the head of the byte education hardware business, and Wu Kai, the head of the 360 ​​search business, was also at the end of 2019. Joined Byte as the head of the search business.

The core personnel left one after another, leaving the 360 ​​search department with almost no generals at that time. Deng Yafeng, who had no search experience, was forced to take over the baton and served as the general manager of the search division.

For the exploration of life sciences, there are also traces in an interview with 36氪 on June 22 this year. At that time, Deng Yafeng mentioned that computers, especially artificial intelligence technology, are being deeply integrated with the field of life sciences, showing great possibilities. “AI for Science, computer creation and many other fields continue to produce results that make us excited and even surprised.”

It is not difficult to hear that this is exactly the arena for the fields of life science and energy technology that he is about to enter the game.

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