“Dian Xiao Mi” completed a US$110 million Series D financing to accelerate its international strategic layout


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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, the global e-commerce SaaS platform “Dianxiaomi” announced the completion of a US$110 million Series D financing. This round of financing was led by Sequoia China, SoftBank Vision Fund II, and old shareholder Tiger Tiger Global Management, GGV GGV Capital, and Huaxing New Economy Fund under China Renaissance continued to follow suit. After this round of financing, the store secretary will further expand the overseas team and accelerate the international strategic layout.

This is also the fact that Dian Xiaomi has once again been recognized by many top investors since the C round of financing in March this year. Up to now, the accumulative financing amount of USD 210 million (over 1.4 billion RMB) has been completed in 2022, which further illustrates the recognition of the team by the investors.

In recent years, the global e-commerce market has maintained a continuous growth trend as a whole, and the penetration of online shopping has been further enhanced on a global scale, allowing more companies to see a new development direction and start a global strategic layout.

While everyone is still thinking about how to enter the global market, Dian Xiaoji has already taken the lead. With advanced product development thinking, he has launched a number of SaaS products recognized by global customers, and led millions of enterprises to complete the Cost reduction and efficiency increase in the global e-commerce market.

Dian Xiao Mi has built a diversified product matrix with ERP as the core, and created a free cross-border e-commerce ERP “Dian Xiao Mi”, Amazon’s refined management system “Saihu ERP”, and a local e-commerce ERP “BigSeller” in Southeast Asia. , Latin American local e-commerce ERP “UpSeller”, global e-commerce intelligent customer service system “Duoke”, global logistics query platform “17TRACK”, cross-border shared storage “Xiao Mi Yuncang” and other products, focusing on solving global e-commerce sellers Pain points, help brands go overseas simply and efficiently. In the future, the store secretary will also complete the product layout in more regions and countries.

As early as September 2019, the store secretary began to actively explore the international market, and strongly launched the Southeast Asian local e-commerce ERP “BigSeller” as a highly localized one-stop e-commerce solution. Favored by merchants and sellers, it has become the leading e-commerce ERP in Southeast Asia. Following the official opening of the first stop market in Southeast Asia, Dian Xiaobi has successively carried out localized offline team building in Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and other regions, positioning itself as an international brand. In June this year, the commercialization attempt of “BigSeller” was successful, and its first-day revenue exceeded seven figures. This is a major strategic turning point for the store secretary to step into the international market, and it also represents the store secretary’s confidence in the precision of the product.

In addition to the Southeast Asian market, Dianxiaomi has accelerated the deployment of localized products in regions with huge e-commerce potential, such as Latin America, Europe and the United States. Reusing mature product capabilities and growth methodologies, the company is currently seeing rapid growth in the number of sellers in these regions.

The acceleration of the process of trade globalization is driving Chinese enterprises to quickly enter the international stage. With their unique competitive advantages in product, supply chain and talent, Chinese brands are gradually transitioning from Made in China to Created in China.

The rise of Chinese brands is closely related to the digitalization of the e-commerce industry. Brand digitalization and global coverage are the only way for all companies in the future. In this process, cross-border e-commerce sellers want to link the world, realize digitalization and efficient collaborative management of the whole ecosystem, and the SaaS management system is an indispensable key. At present, Dianxiaomi has built a four-in-one product ecosystem of e-commerce ERP, customer service system, logistics inquiry, and cloud warehouse service based on user needs, forming one of the most valuable ecological closed loops in e-commerce.

Today, there are more than 1.5 million global users of DianSecret service, and in-depth cooperation with more than 50 top e-commerce platforms, more than 1,600 high-quality logistics providers and more than 80 overseas warehouses in the world, the annual transaction volume of orders processed exceeds 350 billion RMB.

Facing the upsurge of the digital economy, Dian Xiaomi hopes to use the SaaS management system as the driving force to lead Chinese brands to go overseas efficiently and international brands to the world. To truly realize the dream of global e-commerce sellers who only need a computer and the services of a store secretary, they can do business while traveling.

Du Jianyin, founder and CEO of Dian Xiaomi, said: “First of all, we have always believed that products are the best way to test the market. In the past two years, the overall situation of cross-border e-commerce has been in a state of fluctuation, and the adjustment of the market has instead confirmed our strategic position. Correctness: Only by maintaining patience and tenacity at all times, focusing on ‘products’ and ‘services’, constantly innovating and breaking through boundaries, and truly serving users, can we stand out in the field. The main reason for the recognition. After the completion of this financing, we will accelerate the international strategic layout, fully promote the globalization process of the store secretary, and truly make the global business more efficient.”

Guo Shanshan, a partner of Sequoia China, said: “The global e-commerce industry is entering a stage of rapid digital development. The store secretary has an in-depth judgment on industry trends, a deep understanding of customer needs, and SaaS products to help global sellers improve business efficiency and reduce costs. .From a single store ERP to today’s diversified product matrix, the store team continues to expand its business in terms of products and regions, and continues to maintain excellent product innovation and landing service capabilities.”

Mr. Kentaro Matsui, Managing Partner of SoftBank Vision Fund Phase 2, said: “Cross-border e-commerce and its ecosystem are long-term promising areas for SoftBank Vision Fund. Dian Xiaomi has formed an excellent reputation by constantly polishing its SaaS products, helping more companies to expand their business globally. The e-commerce platform has continued to develop efficiently. We are very optimistic about the product-driven growth model of Dian Xiao Mi to provide high-quality services to cross-border e-commerce sellers, and we also expect Dian Xiao Mi to become a global leader with a rich product matrix and further expansion of overseas markets. Leading cross-border e-commerce service provider.”

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