Game ToB apocalypse, how can game companies improve their core competitiveness in the cloud computing era

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The past two years have been the fastest growing period in the history of the global game market. First, in 2020, amid the changing epidemic situation around the world, people at home have devoted a lot of time to games; The Metaverse is defined in the prospectus, and the Metaverse has become a new super outlet, and the game and the Metaverse are inextricably linked, so they have taken a ride.

According to a survey conducted by Google and Newzoo on players in 16 important markets on five continents, the analysis report formed shows that the size of the game market in 2020 will increase by 23.1% year-on-year, reaching US$177.8 billion. From a global perspective, the game market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.66% from 2019 to 2024, and will exceed the $200 billion mark in 2023 and reach $218.7 billion in 2024.

There is an even more staggering number in the report, with about 3 billion gamers worldwide in 2021. In particular, the number of gamers in the Asia-Pacific region is about 1.645 billion, accounting for 54.6% of the total number of players in the world.

Of course, while the game market has exploded with great potential, opportunities and challenges have always coexisted. More and more refined picture quality, complex interactions, diverse clients, etc., all raise the game companies’ network technical capabilities. higher requirement. In the ever-changing game market, any shortcoming that affects the player’s experience may be fatal.

A few days ago, Amazon Cloud Technology announced the launch of game industry solutions to provide enterprise-level game customers with full life cycle empowerment from game development, operation, to growth, and then create a “next-generation game experience”. For practitioners in the domestic game track, Amazon Cloud Technology’s global infrastructure, purpose-built industry solutions, extensive partner network, and Amazon’s global resources can not only reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also It can also focus on game development and improve the market competitiveness of game products.

At the scene, Liang Yan, general manager of the Digital Native Division of Amazon Cloud Technology China, said: “Cloud computing has brought profound changes to the game industry. Game companies can use leading cloud technology to develop high-quality games and achieve refined Operation and going overseas by cloud to gain first-mover advantage, so as to achieve sustainable business development.”

Enterprise services must really solve industry pain points, and the same is true for ToB services for game companies.


“Security compliance is a headache for game developers going overseas. Different regions and countries have different and strict legal and regulatory requirements. For games and other industries that need to use a large number of cloud services, choose the most security compliance. Guaranteed cloud providers can minimize the things they need to do and the possible risks later. So I think this will be a trend, and the leading cloud providers will get more users. ” said Jiang Hong, head of TapTap developer services.

Global security compliance is the fundamental guarantee for game companies to conduct game business. Amazon Cloud Technology has obtained security compliance certifications in 98 countries and regions around the world, allowing game companies to meet almost all regulatory compliance requirements in the world and easily achieve global operations. Faced with the situation that players are often unable to access due to DDoS attacks during game operation, Amazon Shield, the DDoS defense service of Amazon Cloud Technology, can make full use of the redundant Internet connection and bandwidth of Amazon Cloud Technology to defend against DDoS attacks at all times and ensure player experience.

According to Jiang Hong, the industry-leading security compliance services of Amazon cloud technology make TapTap worry-free, help developers on TapTap to meet the legal and regulatory requirements of privacy protection and data protection in different regions and countries, and accelerate the game listing cycle. Guarantee the data security of game players and improve the game experience.

In addition, the Amazon Cloud Technology Fundamentals Technology Review (FTR) enhances TDS’s capabilities for security, reliability, and operational excellence. Amazon Cloud Technology experts help TapTap leverage Amazon Cloud Technology’s security and auditing products, such as Amazon Kinesis, Amazon CloudTrail, and Amazon IAM, to improve operational, security, and audit capabilities.


Fan Ziyu, CEO of cloud gaming company Nianli Technology, said: “Cost control is of great significance to the cloud gaming industry. Thanks to Amazon Cloud Technology’s continuous investment in the self-developed ARM architecture, innovation has brought forth new ideas for the cloud gaming industry. More flexibility. Based on Amazon Cloud Technology, we only spent 1 week to migrate to the Arm architecture, which reduced the scheduling cost of cloud games by 20% and the running cost of cloud games by 30%. Amazon Cloud Technology also took the lead in designing and launching Leading cloud services such as Amazon Spot Instance and Amazon Elastic Graphics set industry standards and drive the development of the cloud gaming industry.”

During game operation, game companies also need to expand their servers at the lowest cost and as fast as possible, so that tens of millions of players around the world can access them anytime, anywhere. Amazon Cloud’s global infrastructure can provide low-latency experiences for gamers around the world. At present, Amazon Cloud Technology has 84 availability zones, 17 local zones, and 28 Wavelength zones in 26 regions around the world. The regions are connected through the backbone network, and there are more than 410 edge nodes distributed around the world, which can make game The company achieves user coverage in any area.

In addition, Amazon Cloud Technology’s hosting services in computing, network, storage, database and other aspects provide game companies with sufficient flexibility to meet any peak demand during game running, and to reduce capacity and reduce the number of users when the number of users decreases. cost.

Based on the global infrastructure of Amazon Cloud Technology, Nianli Cloud Games has covered players in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. Running an accelerated instance with GPU in Spot Instance mode reduces the running cost of cloud games by 70% compared to running on demand mode. Amazon Graviton2, based on Amazon’s self-developed Arm architecture processor, further helped Nianli save 20% of the cloud game scheduling system cost and 30% of the cloud game running cost.

At the same time, the network capabilities provided by Amazon Cloud Technology meet the high-traffic application scenarios such as Nianli cloud game image streaming, so that the end-to-end delay of cloud games is stable within 70 milliseconds. Accelerated instances such as Amazon EC2 G4dn/G5g/G5 bring super game rendering capabilities and achieve a consistent game experience on different terminals.

Agile and Collaborative

Chen Shuwei, technical director of cloud solutions at 37Games, said: “With the rapid growth of global business, server deployment is becoming more and more difficult, operation and maintenance work is becoming more and more complex, and costs are rising sharply; the strategies and logic of games in different regions are different. To distribute games in different regions, it is necessary to build different distribution platforms. With the expansion of the business, there are more and more platforms, and it becomes difficult to standardize the architecture of a platform; in addition, when the business grows rapidly, the scalability of the platform hindered.”

In the cloud computing era, more and more game studios are moving game development-related workloads running locally to the cloud to increase agility, speed, and global collaboration. Amazon Cloud Technology provides managed infrastructure and a complete CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) fully managed tool chain, so that developers do not need to use open source software to build and maintain CI/CD tools themselves, and can build distribution on the cloud It can open remote team cooperation and greatly improve the efficiency of game version development and release.

According to reports: 37Games uses a variety of Amazon cloud technology services, including computing, storage, database, and security services, which have greatly helped our business. For example, after using Amazon CloudFront, users in France, Germany and the United States can access the node in Singapore, and the median latency can be reduced by 600 milliseconds, so that we can safely publish the game on the global unified cloud platform based on Amazon cloud technology. , instead of deploying a separate distribution platform per region as before.

Moreover, the competition in the overseas game market is becoming more and more intense. In addition to the game itself, the analysis of game data is also one of the core competencies. Through the big data platform based on Amazon cloud technology, we have realized real-time data analysis and offline analysis of some large reports, improving the competitiveness of the entire platform.

Liang Yan said: “More than 90% of the world’s large game companies are using the infrastructure or services of Amazon cloud technology to continuously innovate games and competitive entertainment experiences for hundreds of millions of players. The game industry-specific solutions released by Amazon cloud technology integrate Amazon Cloud Technology’s long-term accumulated capabilities in cloud services, industry solutions and partners hope to empower game companies in the entire life cycle of game development, operation and growth, and help China’s game industry to further seize new opportunities for digital economic development , to build a new engine for global development.”

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