Disease in May, Plum Rain in June

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May Sickness, June Mei Yuqing May Sickness, June Mei Yuqing, are chapters of a novel by Yoshida Shuyi. Each chapter of the book is a month, March is called “Departure”, and April is “Sakura Fall”. It was a completely blank two months for her, the spring without cherry blossoms, the spring when she set off and was suddenly braked, she swung autumn in the air like a clown, and was thrown to the ground again. Smashed to pieces. This book is a follow-up to this book, and there is another book ahead that was adapted into a movie. Every spring, she thinks of this movie. Kuramochi said, I can only think of you when I ask someone to help me move. My mother said that having a son like Shinosuke is the happiest thing in my life. Xiangzi said, if you die, everyone will remember you in the future, and they should all…


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