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I remember that on the day of the mock test, it was really uncomfortable. The manager told me that someone would come to hand me over, on June 6th, and then one really came on June 8th.

Today is June 18th, but I haven’t found a suitable job, and I’m looking for some sales everywhere.

Selling houses, selling equipment, almost as long as you go, you can. Then the salary is only 3000, there is no five insurances, no social security, and 4 days off per month.

In my eyes, when talking with sales, everyone is a success expert, and they talk in a certain way, that is, some shameless people.

Talking is roughly divided into [Spirit Quietly Strike Set], [Mild Symptom Enhancement Set], first treat you gently, and then intimidate you.

I came to work in this beauty salon in Jiaxing for 3 months. To be honest, I was quite afraid that this ghost place would suddenly close down, and then I still had 50 days of unpaid wages.

It’s almost time for the employees to leave. After leaving, there are only 4 beauticians left, and 40-50 follow-up customers every day. It is estimated that they are exhausted.

There are also strong buys and sells from stupid companies, and some neurotic fines. In my eyes, there are a group of Tianlong people on the top, and fart employees on the bottom.

The key is that you can’t lose your temper, you have to deal with these idiots like a eunuch.

Jiaxing Beauty Salon

Customers often come to complain about this beauty salon, so I went to the Xinxing Squadron in Jiaxing City once, and the police station is pretty crappy.

Customers have been complaining there, but to no avail. I also think that the customers who come here are a group of Tianlong people.

Maybe it’s because I was born in farming, and I’m more disgusted with beauty [in my eyes, it’s like a neuropathy, it’s just full to support],

Is it bad to go to the hospital to see your face? If you have a problem, can’t you go to a regular hospital? You have to come to the Putian company to send money.

All the stars, beauty, and temperament lie to these idiots. Their IQ is already so low. What kind of temperament is there? There is only an air of stupidity.


I am also depressed and don’t know what to do. Hope I can find a strong will and spirit. I feel the brain that communicates with me is empty,

It’s all boring bullshit, enslaved ideas, mental retardation that can be seen everywhere, and some cloned mechanical products.

It seems to me that many rich people are not because they are successful, or some genius or some elite, but because they cannibalize and deceive people.

Hundreds of thousands of people are deceived and used to it. Even though a person can justify his actions, the actions themselves are done from the heart.

One can imagine himself as a perfect person, a genius, who can call himself a mentor. As if a person said that he never lied,

But everyday work is a lie.

Lego guide

On June 20th, from 12:00 to 8:30, I went to Jiaxing Yaohan shopping mall to interview the Lego guide, but at 8:30, I was told that it was not possible.

To be honest, I feel that the staff inside do not have a better understanding of Lego than I do, and they recite some mechanical words.

However, this store manager is very smart at first glance, because she walks very energetically, and the other store clerks look silly.

I just stood there for a day and my legs are still sore. At that time, I also felt that the job was not for me.

In my heart, I felt that I might not really be able, but I comforted myself like this. There are only 9 people in this store.

Counting me there are already 10 people, and I’m obviously an over-the-top employee. Reason for firing me: Because the introduction of the product is not good enough, I like to bring my own understanding.


I feel that you can’t speak human words when you go out. If you want to talk about the standard of prosperity and democracy, you have to stand in the team.

I used to think they were all stupid and couldn’t even tell the truth, but now I understand, I used to be a fool, and I want to join the team of deceivers.

Finally woke up, those who tell the truth are all fools, and those who speak politely are smart people. I’m so smart.

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