Dong Yuhui’s recommended book list

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NO1, “Ordinary World” Dong Yuhui read “Ordinary World” 6 times, you and I were born ordinary, without the aura of God. Your life is not going to be smooth sailing, and you only know the power contained in this book when you go through lows. When you read it for the first time, you will think why “the hemp rope is cut at the delicate point, and the bad luck is the hardest person”? But when you read it for the second time, you will suddenly be enlightened. The fairness of fate is that it will not always favor you, nor will it always embarrass you. You will be stronger when you experience setbacks. Dong Yuhui said: When I read it for the third time, I read Nietzsche. He once said: What doesn’t kill you will eventually make you stronger. I remember the sentence “The sky is dark to a certain extent, the stars will shine”, I hope we can all not give up in the low period […]

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