Guangdong: Encourage all localities to intensify efforts to actively carry out promotional activities for industrial products such as automobiles and consumer electronics


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Pinwan News on September 5th, according to the Financial Associated Press, the General Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province issued ” Several Measures for Further Promoting the Steady Growth of the Industrial Economy in Guangdong Province “, which proposed to encourage local governments to intensify efforts to actively develop automobiles, consumer electronic products, etc. Promotional activities for industrial products, such as the issuance of consumer coupons, subsidize the purchase of eligible products by consumers.

A series of consumer goods “Three Products” nationwide tours to Guangdong will be held with the theme of traditional advantageous products such as textiles and clothing, smart home appliances, and special commodities such as elderly products. The Internet marketing and live broadcast e-commerce industry will be included in the province’s vocational skills training subsidy catalog according to regulations, and e-commerce industry training will be actively carried out. Encourage localities to reward qualified high-quality live e-commerce service agencies. Encourage localities to actively deploy a number of characteristic demonstration application scenarios around new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new models, accelerate the promotion of innovative application incubation, and promote large-scale development.

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