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We ordinary people are easily affected by emotions, enough to affect rational thinking and thinking ability, and fall into the trap designed by the other party. Not only can we not accurately identify all the important content involved in the other party’s and our own words, but also easy to say Language that does not conform to one’s own thoughts but conforms to the other person’s trap, and when disturbed by emotions, it will strengthen the thinking influence brought by these irrational language. I’m not a philosopher, and I’m not a psychologist, and I can’t generalize the above in professional vocabulary and language.

And I’ve found that in today’s internet age, the lack of independent thinking is far more harmful than it used to be. People who lack the ability to think independently are easily influenced by widely popular mistakes or one-sided remarks on the Internet, resulting in unrealistic perceptions of the world. In particular, quite a few people use their imaginations to deny what really exists and what has actually happened. When I wrote the real world as a comment to these people, I was attacked by their emotional language.

Why do people like to use their emotions to spread wrong or one-sided things? In order to let the other party fall into the emotional trap, let yourself have the right to speak even if you don’t care, even if the other party’s point of view is correct, it will make the other party feel that he is wrong.

Too many of these things have happened, and I’ll just give a few examples of them.

(1) The first example

I have a message on my blog. The content of the message was: “I always feel that the middle class should not be the target of spraying… They are all part-time workers.”

I immediately replied on my blog: “Migrant workers are different from migrant workers. Some middle-class people can’t see the real situation of migrant workers at the bottom, and they still don’t admit it.”

He replied to me: “Why not spray all the non-basics?”

I immediately replied: “Because not all non-bottom layers are like this, it can’t be generalized, right?”

I found out later that I had been tricked.

Why did I get hit? What I have stated in the article are all facts, no offensive language, no out of context, and no “spray”. This blogger said that I was “splashing”, but I replied following his words, which “confirmed” that I was “splashing”, which is not in line with the facts. His two messages are not coherent in thinking, but I only responded to their isolated sentences, which is like the line in Ma Sanli’s cross talk “Dai Duzi”, “God speaks good things, and the earth is jealous.” The same logic, become a laughing stock.

(2) The second example

On platforms such as XL Weibo, XXX, XXshu, etc., there are many users who reason with you when they think they are reasonable. If you refute with the correct theory, the other party will start personal attacks. I wanted to give such an example, but if the detailed records are listed, it will not only take up space, but also irritate the eyes, so I will only summarize, and I must have experienced bloggers who have experienced it.

Similarly, there is a big man with the surname Z who often makes such remarks. When communicating with people from abroad, he will play with emotions if it is unreasonable.

This is also the reason why I quit the QQ group of “Ten Year’s Appointment” (I quit the group, not “Ten Year’s Appointment”).

(3) The third example

An abnormal understanding of the world is a relatively common phenomenon, especially among people with wealthy family backgrounds who have never seen the world. Unfortunately, I have several such colleagues around me, and one of them’s remarks are very representative. I will list some of them:

“Isn’t the life expectancy of the ancients more than 30 years old?”

“Isn’t the tetanus vaccine 3 yuan a shot?”

“Your parents are from the countryside. Why didn’t you go to the city to be a worker a few decades ago, and the salary was not low?”

“Since your school is recruiting graduate students, how can there be no guaranteed graduate students?”

“How can there be no elective courses in the secondary school you worked in?”

From now on I try to communicate with him as little as possible.

Similarly, the question mentioned in a certain video is also very representative: ” How many rural families can afford a marriage house?

For these situations, if we use rational voices to refute, we cannot make the other party realize the truth of the world. Therefore, it is better to choose to shut up to avoid being personally attacked. Read more, go out more, see the real world more, think more, and get more benefits than unnecessary arguments.

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