Don’t understand the value of “unnecessary” only after you lose it

defend unnecessary


On May 30, after the first article “Defend the Non-essential” was published, we received requests from many cultural institutions and non-profit organizations across the country for help. We have observed the plight of the bookstore industry, the suspension of the performance market, the difficulty of publishing, the tightening of commercial sponsorship, and the difficulty of non-governmental public welfare organizations. It turned out to be only a small aspect.

Bookstore loses customers

In Northeast China, which we have not paid attention to yet, some bookstores have been closed for dozens of days. Even though they have resumed business, students, the main customer group, still cannot leave the school, and the bookstore still has no customers. After the number of customers in the physical space dropped sharply, the desire of customers to consume online also disappeared; in Beijing, because the bookstores around us could not open their doors, they took mobile cars to read and introduce books outdoors.

Publishing loses market

In Shanghai, Mingshi, a publishing organization, had to ask editors from other places to help go to the printing factory to see proofs. The printed new books could not be put into storage or put on the shelves due to logistics reasons, and the new books became old books . Before officially publishing a work, he has already suffered a deep spiritual blow, and he mocked himself for “choose the worst time to be independent”; last year, the single-reading and casting culture together made “Respite: China from 1981 to 1984” , This book still has no chance to do an offline activity to this day, and the author, Lao An, still has not been able to communicate with readers face-to-face.

Charity loses funding

Due to the epidemic, the non-governmental non-profit organization Hongyan Social Work Service Center around us lost funding due to the interruption of basic project resources, which brought a gap in personnel and administrative expenses and huge pressure on venue rental; Green Rose Social Work Service Center began to be a social enterprise for women workers It is hoped that there will be opportunities for reemployment of female workers and surplus to support the organization, but the process is still long; the Beijing Mulan Huakai Social Work Service Center, which participated in the first “defense of non-essential”, has gained a lot of new monthly donors. However, there are still a lot of material shortages, including even basic epidemic prevention supplies; at the same time, the Pi Village literature group has been stagnant again due to the closure of the village due to the epidemic.


If you can provide rent and rice noodle support for Pi Village Literature Group, please contact Wang Dezhi: 13691011372

And these are the indispensable “non-essential” in our lives – the “un-essential” of reading, the “un-essential” of art, and the “un-essential” of mutual assistance at the bottom.

Wood Eat Tok wrote in his reply to us: Now more than ever, independent and alternative cultural experiences need to reach more users. This is not to say that the conversion rate is not important in the economic downturn, but the cultivation of cultural and lifestyle users is a slow accumulation process . If we have partners in the same field or across fields, we can brainstorm together and do more different content. At least when the negative and low information is overwhelming, we can also let the beauty and style offset the market downturn caused by uncertainty. .

And when vicious incidents of violence continue to expose social inequalities, the importance of civil society organizations is even more self-evident. We urgently need to pay attention to those groups that have been neglected for a long time and support them effectively.

So today, we continue to “defend non-essential.”


The following cultural institutions or projects need your help, please contact them directly:

@Beijing Hongyan Social Worker Service Center

Due to the epidemic, the resources of Hongyan’s infrastructure projects were interrupted, resulting in a gap in personnel and administrative costs. In order to solve the funding problem, Hongyan launched a monthly donation plan to find monthly donation supporters. Hongyan hopes that you can participate in our monthly donation plan and the “Hundred Hands Supporting the Family” art festival that is still in preparation, and pay attention to the lives of female domestic workers.

Hongyan community service also needs a stable venue. If there is a low price or a joint use method (near Chaoyang Wangjing), please contact us (public number: Beijing Hongyan Social Worker Service Center / WeChat ID: hongyankf).


@Green Rose Social Work Service Center

We look forward to letting individual female workers in a foreign country in each urban village use the public space as a hub to warmly and encourage each other, take good care of themselves, have the ability to speak for themselves, and make the community a warm, friendly and mutually helpful community.

Because of the attention we received from fundraising in 2020, we rented a larger space in an urban village to do more activities for migrant children and female workers, but we still lack financial support and hope that more people will join Our monthly donation program . Last year, we also started to explore social enterprises for women workers, hoping that there would be opportunities for women workers to re-employ and surplus to support the organization, but the process was also very long.


Click on the picture to join the Green Rose Monthly Donation Program

@Beijing Mulan Huakai Social Work Service Center

The biggest difficulty at the moment is the financial difficulty. Due to the impact of the epidemic and the general social environment, Magnolia Huakai is currently facing a great survival crisis, and the need for financing is the most urgent. A public platform with a certain social influence is needed to cooperate and publicize the “Mulan Monthly Donation Plan – I want to sing loudly”.

Program Summary: We hope that you can become a “monthly donation partner” of Magnolia Blossom, and work with us to empower and voice the voice of grassroots migrant women and help them develop independently. We would like to introduce you to our working sisters, who are as beautiful and tough as “Magnolia”, but face multiple difficulties in economic, family, social, cultural life and other aspects. Over the past 12 years, Magnolia has been struggling, but it has always taken root in the community where migrant workers gather, providing solidarity and support for migrant women, and sharing the voice of the community with migrant sisters. Thank you for your trust in Magnolia Blossom. Your donation will be used to support the operation and overall development of the organization. Every time we listen to the voices of working women, and every fellow traveler who supports Mulan sisters, is the driving force for us to keep going.


In terms of material needs, we also need musical instruments related to literary and artistic activities : drums, ukuleles, other small musical instruments, etc. (70% to 80% new, no need to be repaired, and can be used directly), each with a limit of 10; children’s activities Supplies : high-quality picture books, books (500~1000) suitable for primary school and preschool children to read (books for primary school students, not required for textbooks), educational toys (Lego), etc.; activity prizes: pens, books, books (and grassroots) Women-related writing books or literary works) or other clothing, hair accessories, skin care products, etc. (brand new products with a shelf life within 3 months); epidemic prevention materials: masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, 2 boxes each.

It is not listed in the above list, and the quantity or whether it can be used for practical purposes cannot be determined, and specific communication can be made in advance.

If there is a suitable project cooperation opportunity, you can also communicate by phone or face to face.

Contact: Qi Lixia

Office phone: 010-80780473

Mobile phone: 15311534874 (Same number on WeChat: Mulan), please add a note to the application.

Substance mailing address: All villages in Dongsha, Beiqijia Town, Changping District, Beijing

Recipient: Zhao Qian 13621270481

Mulan Official Account: Beijing Mulan Huakai Social Worker Service Center

Email: [email protected]

@Northern Culture

Founded in 2008, Beitong Culture is a non-profit organization that provides psychological counseling and community services in the Beijing area, as well as LGBT de-pathological advocacy, transgender anti-discrimination advocacy and gender diversity education nationwide.

Due to the epidemic, the offline work of the organization is basically impossible at this stage, which makes us face great challenges in serving and maintaining the community, which in turn affects our monthly donation project and psychological counseling project. Due to the COVID-19 control policy, our office is unavailable to hold events in the space. Most of our partner businesses also closed their stores and were unable to hold fundraising activities, which led to the phenomenon that the monthly donors of the institution dropped off a lot over the past few months. Because of the inability to conduct offline counseling, the number of visitors for psychological counseling has decreased, and the number of counseling orders has dropped significantly.

We hope to get the support of project promotion, the opportunity to use the space for free or at a low price offline, and the support of talent recommendation. We are recruiting marketing directors, design interns, and fundraising directors for the psychological project. The monthly donation project “Now, become a partner of youth empowerment!” and the psychological project “Xiao Wusheng Psychology” are also being promoted, looking forward to More friends to join us!


@HOPE School

HOPE School is a public welfare team that supports teachers and students of vocational schools. Currently, it is facing difficulties in entering schools to carry out activities, taking students to companies to visit and study, and students leaving school. On the one hand, we hope to cooperate with more vocational schools, and on the other hand, we hope to have more financial support. We use group activities and case companionship to help vocational school students form a supportive social network, and provide students in need with emotional support, self-awareness and career development opportunities for companionship and exercise. I hope you can support us through monthly donations, so that we can continue to carry out more activities.

HOPE is also using drama creation and public performances to let vocational school students express themselves, sort out and think about their own life experiences, let the public see the rich and diverse images of vocational school students, and understand and listen to their voices. This summer, we will hold a theatrical performance in Guangzhou, but the funds are tight, and I hope you can give us a lot of support. Contact information: wechat hopecaomei.


@weilan library

To be a “living” library around children on the edge of the city, Weilan Library recruits volunteer librarians to provide offline services, so that Weilan’s branches can support children’s cultivation of reading habits and the development of independent reading ability through daily opening.

In June 2020, Weilan launched the branch library east plan to make monthly donations for each specific branch library. Through continuous monthly donation partners and continuous service librarians to form branch library teams, and through branch autonomy, cultivate one by one. A “living” autonomous library that provides borrowing services for young readers and a public space that they can go to at any time.

The uncertainty of the opening of the museum caused by the epidemic has brought everything to a standstill at any time. Various online and offline communication activities in the main museum cannot be carried out, and the recruitment of monthly donation museum owners is also difficult. However, Weilan Library needs to be prepared at all times to deal with the possible opening at any time.

We hope that more partners will become the owners of the monthly donation library of the Weilan branch, guard the library with us, support the children of migrant workers who have moved into the city, and give them the opportunity to live with their parents and get a fair education.

You can give priority to support those branches with a monthly donation of less than 800 yuan and lack of resources; if you are in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Kunming, Zhengzhou and other cities, you can also sign up as a duty librarian, and join many Weilan Together with our partners, we will support and accompany the children through offline services during the opening period.


Shenyang路@KaleidoscopeBooks KaleidoscopeBooks

We operate a physical space in Shenyang, and Kaleidoscope is dedicated to artistic creation, so our customer base will be relatively younger and smaller. However, because of the closed management at home some time ago, the store was closed for a month, which had a great impact on us. Although the store has resumed business for some time now, there are very few people in the store due to factors such as students being unable to leave the school.

I hope there are more high-quality art-type platforms that allow us to participate! We want to recommend the works and creative ideas of outstanding domestic artists for more readers. Of course, I also hope to get more opportunities for cooperation in pop-up bookstores or exhibitions.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Kaleidoscope Bookstore )

Dali路@Dolphin Ade Bookstore

Now our bookstore is poised to make products and content waiting for the environment to improve. It will be very welcome if there is a product cooperation between institutions and artists. Cooperation and joint exhibitions of works by independent artists and independent publications are expected.

(Wechat welcome to search the public number: Dolphin Ade Bookstore )

Wuhan路@Wuhan Jingzizai Bookstore

On the one hand, the assistance we need at this stage is to hope that more people will know about us and come to the bookstore to increase the traffic and turnover of the bookstore. On the other hand, I also hope to have better channels for book purchases, such as not too many restrictions on the number of purchases, better purchase discounts, etc. If possible, I hope to have the opportunity to participate in some (online) writer signing and sharing activities.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Wuhan Jingzizai Bookstore )

Suzhou路@Slow Study

The physical store has fewer visitors, offline salons have stopped, and sales have plummeted. At this stage, it is mainly necessary to increase the exposure of the bookstore, let more people know that the bookstore is open, and there are also many online activities. Everyone is welcome to participate. The most hope is that the online salon and public account of Slow Study will be known to more people.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Slow Study Room )

Shanghai路@Ti Bookstore

If you need everyone’s help, it is to help us publicize and let more people know about “Ladder Bookstore” and our books. Thank you. At this stage, I think the main thing is that we need to improve our ability to resist risks, prepare for famine, and reduce expenditure.


For specific projects, it may be that we hope that everyone will pay attention to our public account. Several books will be released this year, and they will be introduced to you through the official account.

(Wechat welcome to search the public number: Ladder Bookstore TextandImage )

Handan路@Human Food Bookstore

After experiencing a city closure, the number of physical store customers has dropped sharply, and the willingness of online customers to spend has also dropped significantly. We hope that more friends will visit the bookstore and participate in our non-blind box program.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Human Food Bookstore )

Tangshan路@cool art coffee bookstore

At this stage, our main focus is still online, through online cooperation and promotion in various fields, hoping to cooperate with Single Reading and more cultural institutions to promote books and carry out various cultural-related activities. It can be in the form of video, picture or text.

I hope to participate in various book fairs this year, to introduce our bookstore and our selection of books. We have many out-of-print books, second-hand books, art books, and niche books. I participated in the market in Beijing last year and introduced it to many friends. I hope This year, you can also participate in collaborations with art institutions such as art galleries. We can also do some small exhibitions in the space of our bookstore. Whether it is online or offline reading clubs and poetry reading clubs, we hope to host them. Publishers and writers and artists are also welcome to come to our bookstore for cultural salon activities.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Art, Culture and Life Museum )

Chengdu路@Chengdu Yiwei Bookstore

I hope that everyone will come to drink more offline and participate in activities. The income from selling books is irrelevant to the bookstore. I hope that the publishing house can provide some signed books, raw books and limited editions to the small bookstore, and develop more related cultural and creative products for the bookstore to sell.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Chengdu Yiwei Bookstore )

Beijing 路 @postpostspace

Recently, most of our time is spent doing non-profit translation work, and these articles hope to be seen by more people. (One of them is about the changes in the music scene in Berlin in the past 100 years. This part of our translation mainly discusses the development and changes of techno dance music after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which belongs to the category of cultural studies; the other part is a single piece of image research/image Academic articles, scholars/authors from around the world, including Hito Steyerl, Seth Price, etc.)

Our for-profit and non-profit programs operate concurrently in the same space. The bookstore/independent publishing/exhibition/translation part is non-profit, hoping to get more attention; coffee/commodity is profitable, and it is hoped that more people can know and buy through commercial cooperation .

Beijing路@Beijing Code Character Bookstore

The code word man has always been able to open the door normally, and the choice of the workers is also. I hope more people can know that if you are tired, you can still come to this place to rest for a while. I also hope that more people will participate in the “Reading Game Live” series of activities of Codewriter.

Beijing路@Stabbed Fish Bookstore

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the unstable business status led to a serious decline in passenger flow and sales. After the suspension of business in May, we started the stinging fish tour project, taking a mobile car to read and introduce books outdoors. I have been to Tonghui River, Liangma River and Baiziwan Art Cinema. In the future, we will do interesting summer night poetry reading activities with our partners. Interested friends can follow the stickerfish account to learn about our trends , and also welcome all kinds of cross-border cooperation and play together outdoors.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Thorn Fish Bookstore )

Guangzhou路@Our Theatre

We are an independent theatre team where members quit their jobs and devote themselves full-time to theatre. From 2017 to the present, we have continued to explore and practice the People’s Theater for the fifth year. We believe in theatre of the people; theatre by the people; theatre for the peolple, standing with the people.

Due to the epidemic, our troupe has experienced a great impact. There is no way to open offline theaters. This is also a nightmare for many theater people. But also because of the epidemic, we believe that everyone needs more space and opportunities to communicate and interact with people, so we are now carrying out different types of online activities, so that everyone has the opportunity to “meet” in different spaces.

It turns out that everyone really needs it. We have launched an online one-person-one-story theater so that everyone can share their stories with each other, and we have launched an online forum theater, so that everyone can discuss different public issues through the theater.

We need more partners to understand and participate, and create more possibilities with the theater together.


Shanghai路@IS A GALLERY One Lane Gallery

Although the offline space is not open, our publication plans and short-term exhibitions are still progressing in an orderly manner. After the lockdown, not only life will take time to recover, but also work efficiency and work status will take time to recover.

The launch time of the new exhibition is currently planned to be within 6 months. I hope everyone can come over for a drink and chat when it is launched!

(WeChat search public account: ISAGALLERY Yilan Gallery )


The biggest difficulty brought by the epidemic is mainly logistics. Our work flow has been greatly affected. Our printing factory is in Tangshan, but we can’t express patterns and paper patterns from Shanghai. We can only ask our editor friends in other places for help. Sample and send.

In addition, printed new books cannot be put into storage or put on the shelves, and new books directly become old books. For example, the two books “An Ordinary Day with Peanuts” and “Blue” were released from the factory before the epidemic, and were ready to be released in March and early April, but they were not released until May.

Also during the promotion period of the new book, sample books could not be sent, which greatly affected the promotion coverage of the new book. Books such as “The Musical Age I Grow Up”, “Deserved Rights” and “On the Top of Despair” are all expected by many friends. Long-awaited books, have waited a long time to see the book. There are a lot of anxious media friends, we first sent the electronic version to solve this problem.

In addition, the inability of physical bookstores to operate has also directly affected sales. In addition to Shanghai, logistics in many places are not available, and only half of the addresses may be able to place orders, which also causes a cliff-like decline in website sales. The sales data may only be about half of the usual.

The publishing world collectively experienced the worst 423 in history.

Although editing is a job that can be done online relatively speaking, the lack of direct communication and communication has affected everyone鈥檚 work progress. In addition, the lengthy lockdown has caused everyone鈥檚 mental state to be poor. Even if there are less trivial things, it is still It’s hard to be as immersed in work as before.

It is hoped that the government will increase the subsidies for rent, social security, etc. for small and micro enterprises and extremely poor enterprises during the epidemic and simplify the application process; the media and readers can pay more attention to small cultural enterprises, and recommend books and products that they like, so that we can overcome difficulties together. . Can the small publishing brands affected by the epidemic make a joint recommendation? Or ask the publishers to hold a roundtable discussion on how to overcome difficulties during the epidemic, which books are affected, and how we can do a good job in promotion.

(WeChat is welcome to search the public account: Mingshi Lucida )


At this stage, it is mainly up to us to publish the book as soon as possible. The first few books we want to collaborate with are the first few books: interviews with artist Xiang Jing. The prototype of this book is a long talk that I edited several of her interviews with a montage method when I helped Teacher Xiang Jing edit her complete works five years ago. Rebuilding the Spirit of Conversation”, I wanted to supplement, expand, and make it our first book. Different from general interview collections, we tried to make it Losa-like literature by disrupting the editing of time and space. I am not sure if we did it or not, but it should be a very special attempt. Then there is Velvet Meteor’s poetry collection. During this period of the epidemic, he helped us cut down the poetry collection to an appropriate length in Shanghai. In addition, there is a reprinted book, “The Last Monkey Player”. The author began to record the life of the monkey players since the SARS period, and added their current situation in the new crown era. Life is not easy, and some people’s life may be even more difficult. A new brand has just been established . It is our great honor to be able to make such a book, and we very much hope that more people can read it.


@Casting Culture

A key book we published last year, Italian photographer Andrea Cavazzuti’s photo album “Take a Break: China from 1981 to 1984”, has never had the opportunity to hold an offline new book sharing in Beijing since its publication. meeting. I still don’t know when it will be done. And such offline sharing and face-to-face communication is actually a rigid need in the industry.



It is hoped that there will be landing projects and more cross-disciplinary cooperation. Now more than ever, independent and alternative cultural experiences need to reach more users. This is not to say that the conversion rate is not important in the economic downturn, but the cultivation of cultural and lifestyle users is a slow accumulation process. If we have partners in the same field or across fields, we want to brainstorm together and do more different content, at least when the negative and low information is overwhelming, let the beauty and style offset the market downturn caused by uncertainty.

Let鈥檚 talk about the projects we are planning this year. The annual independent brand unboxing day market has been postponed several times from the original March, and is now ready to open in late June. This year’s theme takes the aesthetics and styles of healing and self-healing as the direction of the main push for the selection of independent brands; last year’s popular “10,000 Coffee Market” was also affected and postponed. Taking coffee as an aesthetic carrier, to carry out the union with culture, lifestyle, including various media, the concept of COFFEE AND MORE will be restarted soon; in mid-September, we will have an art exhibition with ART BEIJING Beijing at the site of the art fair. “Exhibition Midfield”, WOE ART CON FAIR, which provides a good platform for independent art, handicrafts and potential young artists; finally, I hope to restore a tradition, return to the starting point of food socialization, and specialize food Activities, burgers, picnics, drinks themes.



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