due to insomnia

Insomnia has been in this state for a while, and my wife has been buried many times because of this. In fact, I really wanted to fall asleep earlier, and even thought about taking medicines, but I still didn’t take them. They all said that medicines are three-point poisonous, so I usually rarely take medicines. Of course, everything has a “degree”, it depends on how we measure it.

Let’s continue talking about insomnia, because I don’t sleep well at night, my work status has been seriously declining recently, especially in the afternoon, I like to doze off, and my colleagues have laughed at me more than once, “Did I work overtime again last night?” I said no with bitterness out! Although I knew it was a joke from a colleague, the feeling of being rubbed with salt on the wound was really uncomfortable. I was originally irritable because of insomnia, and I didn’t even care if I couldn’t get comfort, and even made fun of me. Can’t help but wonder, is this a kind world?

My wife is a person who wakes up easily. Because of my insomnia, she has not rested well recently, and she feels even more guilty. She gave me a head massage before going to bed last night, and it seemed to have a little effect, and I fell asleep quickly.

After waking up in the morning, I smiled and asked my wife, “It stands to reason that I have always been a nervous person. Could it be that there will be traffic jams? You seemed to relax a lot when you pressed me like this last night.”

“Bah, you’re crazy? You’re a sensitive, suspicious, cranky kind of person who wants to make up a little story about everything, but you’re crazy?” the wife shouted disdainfully.

“Each each other…” My wife, she is always too “prepared for a rainy day”, almost morbidly anxious about things that haven’t happened yet, and I have talked to her no less than three times. Of course, pre-preparation and reasonable arrangements will indeed make things go a lot smoother, but it’s still back to the word “degree” at the beginning.

She also has a bit of a serious problem in my opinion, being too old-fashioned and impatient. Excessive to deliberately control at the same time she is always tired of running, haste is not enough, isn’t it? It hurts to look at, go and solve her, she is too stubborn. Difficult. She’s all right, she just pushes herself too hard, I just want her to treat herself the way she wants others to treat her kindly.

A book I just read two days ago – “The Weakness of Human Nature”, the appendix is ​​how husband and wife get along. Here are ten for husbands :

  1. Do you still send her a flower every now and then? Remember her birthday and wedding anniversary? Surprise her from time to time? Or “please” her with gentle, considerate actions?
  2. Do you care about her feelings and avoid blaming her in public?
  3. Besides household expenses, do you give her some pocket money at her disposal?
  4. Do you work hard to understand a woman’s emotions and help her get through a tired, tense and irritable period together?
  5. Do you spend at least half of your leisure time with your wife?
  6. Do you avoid comparing your wife’s cooking, housekeeping abilities to your mother’s or someone else’s wife, except to show her strengths?
  7. Do you care about her studies, friends, social circle, favorite books and opinions on social issues?
  8. Do you allow her to have other male dance partners and not be jealous of other men’s flattery?
  9. Do you find ways to praise her and admire her?
  10. Are you grateful for the little things she does for you, like buttoning up, mending socks, doing laundry?

I am a failing husband.

It’s already summer in Qingyuan, it’s extraordinarily cold today, and a cold wind blows from time to time when I go out for a walk in the morning. It is said that cold can make people calm, make blood coagulate, and calm the brain.

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