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Today, the rookie pushed me several messages saying that the express delivery has not been picked up within 24 hours, but I have not placed an order online recently. I asked carefully and it turned out that my mother-in-law bought a pair of pants in her hometown. This shocked me. Because my mother-in-law does not know a lot of words, it is a high threshold to complete online shopping independently in past experience.

Before 2010, people who shopped online had to have at least a credit card, which kept most people out of the door in an era when there were only passbooks everywhere.

Then there is the opening of bank cards. In fact, the popularity of bank cards has only happened in recent years. It used to be a hassle to open a card. Running a USB shield has stopped most families without a PC, and even developed the magical business of recharging Alipay at convenience stores.

But in any case, to shop online, you should at least be able to input methods and search; even using voice input on a mobile phone, selecting and comparing what you want on a dazzling product list page, or in the SERP, it is quite troublesome and requires certain Experience, and even need to pay tuition.

But now back to the original point and think about it, shopping with a purpose is actually a very straight man’s approach.

People like me who look at the parameters, compare prices, squat activities, pick wool, split orders, and have no reason for 7 days, I am afraid they will become a minority group.

As long as you determine the payment method and the delivery location, then this is a long-term process. You don’t even need to be literate and write to complete a pleasant consumption. There are only zero and countless times of online shopping.

Recently, my family is also watching “Oriental Selection”. How should I put it? For example, if you choose a set of children’s picture books, you may need to look through a lot of self-media and public accounts to find out a set called “The Magic School Bus Family”. . But if you pay attention to a live broadcast room, it may be a magical encounter. Suddenly I thought of Ma Dugong’s news 88 before going to bed “Kaishou Internet celebrity donated 100 million to Wuhan, which is the ultimate form of “Chinese hawker” “. He talked about the first brother of Kuaishou, Xin Youzhi (the eighth Li Jiaqi, recently because of the spring and summer At the turn of the time, the five teams of round cakes were sealed), his analysis is that Xin Youzhi is like a commodity dealer who shouted at the market in the northern rural areas, using transportation costs (such as smuggling goods) and poor information to make quick money, only It can deceive “netizens who do not have the ability to search for information”. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it when I saw it at the time, but now I think it’s a big mystery.

  1. It may be true that some people will never be able to search due to their educational level (37,750,200 illiterate people nationwide in the 2021 Seventh General Population) and lack of skill training; or the search results of the app are very garbage (such as the manipulation behavior of Tmall Express); Or subjectively feel that search is not easy to use, too lazy to use;
  2. Walking around casually is the life mentality of most people. Especially in modern society, the overall supply of commodities exceeds the demand.
  3. People shopping generally can not distinguish between want and need. Watching live broadcasts and short videos will take up a lot of free time.
  4. The straight men’s style that finds the right purchase target and solves it all at once is not sustainable. Now the shopping has passed the hunting era.

Shopping with “search” as the core has a fundamental flaw. You don’t know what keywords to search for some things, such as my kitchen garbage disposer and dishwasher connector. You can’t search for things that don’t have a special name. of. Search shopping must be known. That is to say, he is targeting a stock of goods that are readily available on the shelf. But in this world innovation often happens at the border. There are even some things that you can’t search if you want, such as what styles and colors of clothes are more suitable for audiences with specific shapes? This thing cannot be described with “keywords”. Keywords are discrete, while human needs are smooth and continuous.

If you’re a live streamer, personal taste may determine survival and popularity in the long run. Perhaps the value of the channel is greater than the value of the brand itself? For example, the piece of clothing is likely to be the basic disk of video shopping guides, and the market segment is dominated by several head anchors. However, this is very contradictory that wearing is a very personal thing, and things like bumping into shirts will die. One thing is for sure, there are niche markets that should accumulate a large and loyal audience. Such as car reviewers, mobile phone circles, PC circles, camera circles, beauty circles, etc.

Although live streaming is not a great invention, it is likely that this method will rule this era in the future. Or for a long time in the future, after solving the problem of how to get started and how to deliver, many people’s shopping habits may be based on live broadcasts/small videos.

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