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The torrential rains earlier brought some coolness to the midsummer in northern Taiwan, but in Sichuan, a major hydropower province in China, the city is facing a power shortage crisis due to high temperature and drought. Energy-saving measures , such as dimming the lighting of the Chengdu subway and turning off the street lights, circulated in the community, and some companies placed large ice cubes in the office to replace the air conditioner in order to save electricity.

But no matter how hot the weather is, people in Chongqing can’t help but eat spicy hot pot. Foodies are rushing to visit the “Dongzi Hot Pot”, which was rebuilt from the air-raid shelter during World War II . When the surface temperature soared to 40 degrees, the hot pot was located 30 meters underground. The store only has a cool 16 degrees, so there is no need to turn on the air conditioner to eat pot and escape the heat 🍲

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According to official statistics, South Korea’s total fertility rate (the average number of children born to women of childbearing age) in 2021 will drop to a new low of 0.81, which is not only far below the replacement level of population stability (2.1). It is the only country among the 38 member states with a fertility rate of less than 1.

In the 1970s, South Korean women gave birth to an average of 4 children per person. The fertility rate has since declined. In 2020, negative population growth has occurred for the first time. Economic pressure (high housing prices are often mentioned) and career considerations (especially in the face of an unequal workplace environment) women) is always the main factor influencing fertility intention.

out of gender

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health recently issued guidelines, citing the WHO’s decision to remove homosexuals and transgender people from the disease classification, declaring that “LGBT is not a disease”, and at the same time sending letters to local public health authorities to prohibit “reversal therapy” that forces sexual orientation changes. It means that medical institutions should have a correct understanding of LGBT and treat them equally.

While it’s unclear how the Ministry of Health’s announcement will be implemented, it has been seen as a major victory for the country’s LGBT affirmative movement and a boost to the Tôi Đồng Ý (Tôi Đồng Ý) movement to legalize same-sex marriage — — The petition campaign has now raised more than 1 million signatures.

can’t be just me

In people’s imaginations, outer space seems to be completely silent, but NASA recently released a sound wave audio captured from a black hole, dispelling the misunderstanding that “sound does not exist in space” – although there is a lot of space It is in a vacuum state, but the gas in the galaxy cluster can be used as a medium for the propagation of sound waves, and the audio below comes from the Perseus galaxy cluster 240 million light-years away. The sound wave is audible to the human ear after increasing the frequency. the sound of.

Quote of the Day

“On Feb. 24, we were told: You have no chance. On Aug. 24, we say: Happy Independence Day, Ukraine! 🇺🇦”

– Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine

August 24 this year is the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union, and it is also the six-month anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Worrying about the risks caused by crowds, the capital, Kyiv, banned large-scale celebrations. Destroyed Russian tanks were displayed on the streets of the city center. The train in the Udong town of Chaplyne was shelled, killing at least 22 people, and more in Russia. When the Ukrainian war faded out of the media, it reminded the world that this war is still ongoing.

As Zelensky said in his speech , in the past six months, the worst war in Europe after World War II has rewritten history, changed the world, and turned the lives of countless Ukrainians upside down. According to CNN , since the war began, more than 11 million of Ukraine’s nearly 44 million people have left the country, more than 6.6 million people have left their homes even though they are in the country, 4.8 million job opportunities have been lost, and at least 200 medical care institutions have been attacked. , more than 5,500 civilians were killed.


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