Oculus Quest2 Edible Guide

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I bought the Oculus Quest2 not long ago, and the process from purchasing to activating and then using it is really a lot of tossing, here is a brief record, on the one hand as a reference for other friends, on the other hand, it can also reset the machine in case one day. Reactivation is required.

Device body

Oculus Quest2 is currently divided into two configurations, one with 128G of memory and one with 256G of memory. Usually 128G is enough. Generally, you can delete the games you have played and the movies you have watched, and there is basically no memory shortage. Of course, local tyrants can also go directly to 256G.

The price of Quest 2 has increased by a few hundred yuan since August 2022, but overall it is still very cost-effective, and the rhythm lightsaber game (original price 40 US dollars) will be given away for free within 15 days after purchase and activation, which needs to be notified by email in the Oculus app. Receive it here, it will be invalid when it expires, don’t forget to get it.

It is recommended to buy online from Jingdong International, which is not much more expensive than Amazon, and the delivery speed is at least half a month faster than Amazon. It should be noted that the Quest2’s warranty is for the headset, and does not include the handle. If the handle is broken, you can only ask customer service to pay for repairs.

The head is charged with the matching charger, and the handle is the AAA battery used. After the device is unpacked, it can be used after removing some protective films according to the instructions. It is recommended to charge it immediately after getting it.

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