Excerpts from “The Bankruptcy of the Old and Later Generations”

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The old age goes bankrupt + the two generations of the old age go bankrupt. People who watch it are annoying, and it also reminds people of their own pension and the pension of their parents.

“No more money to go to the hospital”

  • The most serious reality of bankruptcy in old age is that more and more people are no longer receiving medical services because they cannot afford medical expenses. Among the people whose income is only enough to maintain living expenses, after paying the minimum necessary expenses such as rent, electricity, gas, and meals, if there is a balance on hand, many people will choose to receive medical or nursing services. Of course, even borrowing money has to be treated when life is at stake – more and more people are being taken to hospital by ambulance in such critical situations – and in less urgent cases, many “Patience” was chosen to save money.

Although living with family members, still in a state of “living alone”

  • In the case of elderly parents living with their children, in order to earn as much money as possible, the working hours of the children are correspondingly extended, so the time that the parents spend at home alone will also increase. The extended working hours of the children are also for the family livelihood. However, the more busy they are with work, the less time they have to take care of their families, and they have to give up time with their parents. Yasuda and his son are also faced with such a dilemma, spending every busy but helpless day.

The current situation of “old and bankrupt” through the questionnaire survey

  • After actually engaging with these families, we felt that many of them did not seem to be trying to be brave, but were living strong in the hope that “tomorrow will be a new day again.” However, once you or your family have huge expenses due to illness or injury, your life will suddenly become unsustainable, and you will fall into a situation of “old age and bankruptcy”. Such cases are endless.

[Explanation column] “Why do people today face the situation of ‘two generations lose both’?” Answers given by experts

  • “Why do we still face the situation of ‘old and bankrupt’ even with family members around?” This question is what we most want to answer. In this regard, Sakakihara pointed out that there is a difference in the income of regular employees and non-regular employees. “Average wages in Japan have continued to decline for nearly two decades. The biggest reason is the increase in informal employment, which pays less.”

A barrier called “family”

  • So far, we have conducted interviews with various departments that provide assistance to the lives of the elderly, not only administrative, but also regional comprehensive assistance centers, social welfare associations, non-profit organizations, and more. During this process, we often heard such contradictory words: “Because the recipient lives with family members, it is difficult to provide assistance to them.” They can support each other and their lives can be improved. However, as the interview progressed, we gradually realized this reality: the existence of family members has become a “barrier”, preventing recipients from receiving the assistance they deserve.

Father who died while he was away for work

  • When building a house for two generations, a father wants more than anyone else to live with his grandson, to live with his family, and to enjoy time with his family. Will he be relieved that his father stayed at home until the last moment of his life? This question has always lingered in Haozi’s heart, but it has never been answered.

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