second raspberry picking

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Second strawberry picking
The clothes of these two babies match the strawberry greenhouse.

We’re picking strawberries again! Some people may wonder, how come there are still strawberries in autumn? Because this article is a retweet (yes, it’s almost the end of the year, and I’m starting to catch up again)! Thinking back to this spring, that is, half a year ago, Popo and Sister Guoguo made an appointment to pick strawberries together with the four of us. Speaking of graduation, the number of dates between the two little sisters has skyrocketed—

  • On March 5th, I went to Buyin Herb Garden with Sister Guoguo

  • On March 13, I went to the Prince Zoo with Sister Guoguo

  • On March 21st, I went to pick strawberries with Sister Guoguo

The frequency of once a week is really good! This time I wanted to change to a different place from last year , but there was no more suitable place, so we “revisited the old place”. Because the walking distance is long after getting off the bus, we agreed with Guoguo’s parents and we all pushed the cart. I have never seen Guoguo in a stroller in my memory, but I still think it’s quite fresh. Guoguo and Popo “keep hand in hand” all the way, enjoying themselves very much. Originally, I also invited Xiaoyanzi, one of the three sisters in the park, but her mother was worried about the new crown, so she stayed home and waited for next year!

The overall feeling this time is not as good as last time, because there is only one variety of strawberries. Although it is delicious, it is easy to get tired. Popo and I are still the main players, Guoguo is more keen on picking, and Brother Dou and Guoguo’s parents don’t eat much. Popo was too small to pick, and Guoguo picked a lot for Popo very enthusiastically, but he didn’t eat much himself. Guoguo’s mother said that Guoguo’s grandma usually buys strawberries for Guoguo, so she may not think it is very rare, and she will stop when she is full. I said that we also buy quite a lot, Popo is indeed a snack food. No way, like me, I love to eat fruit.

At the end of the event, Guoguo’s parents brought a box of strawberries to Guoguo’s grandma, and they went back to the shopping mall next to the station with us for lunch. Guoguo’s mother and I said that I couldn’t eat enough, while Doug and Guoguo’s father said that the strawberries were too greasy and couldn’t eat much, so I was very hungry. We managed to find a seat and happily had lunch together. After dinner, we went to the park we went to last time to play for a while. After seeing that, we even coaxed and coaxed the two little babies into a stroller and went to Sanda Outlets for a stroll. In fact, they were sleeping. Guoguo fell asleep not long after, and Popo struggled for a while before falling asleep. The adults of the two teams each found a bench to sit and rest. During the rare me-time, everyone silently swiped their mobile phones.

The happy time is always short. After the two babies woke up, we took the bus back. Some eat and some play, the day goes by so fast! I am going to change the place next year. I found a new farm when I was picking grapes, about about about!

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