Facing the high-end new energy MPV market, Denza D9 was launched in shock, priced from 329,800

On the evening of August 23, the epoch-making Zhizhen luxury all-round MPV Denza D9 was officially launched. The new car added an EV pure electric version to the previous pre-sale models. A total of 2 versions and 7 models were launched, with a price range of 329,800 yuan. Yuan-459,800 yuan, and a founding limited edition model is priced at 660,000 yuan. As the flagship of the Denza brand to break the high-end new energy MPV, Denza D9 has created a new luxury era of high-end MPV with the endorsement of BYD technology and the empowerment of Mercedes-Benz quality standards, providing both DM-i and EV power to create A full-scene travel experience from Yishang IKEA.


The big gift package is rich and you can enjoy a number of car owners’ rights

Since the pre-sale of Denza D9 was launched, it has received extensive attention from the media and users. The pre-sale orders for 2 months exceeded 30,000 units. Such an excellent market performance not only reflects the user’s recognition of the strength of Denza D9, At the same time, it has also changed the monopoly of domestic high-end MPVs by traditional fuel vehicles. At the launch conference site, Denza Motors, with full sincerity, opened up an extraordinary new realm of new luxury and all-you-can travel with users, and launched the first batch of Denza D9 user-friendly gift packages: users will be able to purchase from August 23 to September 30. By ordering Denza D9, you can enjoy 6 major rights plus luxury value, including replacement, finance, car use, gifts, value-added purchases and public welfare, covering the entire life cycle of users from car purchase to car use. With a comprehensive strength upgrade and a surprise broadcast, the launch conference was once again turned into a fan circle, and a multi-dimensional and multi-level fan feast was opened.

Ready to go to the new realm. Denza Motors has successfully held the Denza D9 Zhizhen Space Art Tour Exhibition in Chengdu, Changsha, Beijing, Xi’an and other cities, delivering the excellent travel experience of Denza D9 to users with the ultimate new luxury quality . The Denza D9 user tasting event of “Elegantly inspired, listening to the environment” has also passed through Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other cities one after another, allowing users to truly feel the shocking effect brought by the real car. The follow-up interactive activities such as offline art tours and tasting sessions will continue to land in more cities, creating unlimited travel possibilities with more users, and experiencing the charm of epoch-making products that subvert the new pattern of China’s high-end MPV market.

Listen to the voice of users and create product upgrades together

The momentum is like a broken bamboo, and it does not stop at the line. Denza is the first in the industry to “open the co-creation and sharing model during the pre-sale period”, which truly enables users to co-create products together. It can also be seen from the content released on the market that it is full of sincerity: steering wheel heating for northern users, front seat massage for drivers, as well as on-board 4k high-definition projector, seat folding table, trunk multi-functional folding table , customized air mattress and other four scene-based boutique options, unlocking more car usage scenarios. The EV version of the model has the world’s unique dual-gun and charging black technology, which effectively improves the efficiency of 166kW fast charging scenarios, and can replenish 230km in 15 minutes, which perfectly solves the current user’s anxiety about “slow charging”. , Home travel brings more convenience and improves travel quality. In addition, the newly added EV four-wheel drive premium version also meets the needs of users for more driving scenarios of EV models.


Strong alliances create classics , diversified layouts and green futures

With the comprehensive effect of the development of the times, changes in the structure of family vehicles, and upgrading of automobile consumption, the trend of high-end, intelligent and new energy in the MPV market has become the overall situation. The launch of the Denza D9 marks that the Denza brand has entered a new stage of development. With a more high-spirited appearance, around the four major aspects of new luxury, intelligence, safety and user ecology, it strives to create a better travel life for users that exceeds expectations.

As the brand’s first high-end new energy MPV model, the launch of Denza D9 has laid a solid foundation for the brand’s renewal and development, and has also taken an important step in Denza’s self-transcendence. It is worth mentioning that Denza Motors also exposed a medium-sized SUV concept car at the launch conference, and plans to make its debut at the Chengdu Auto Show, let’s wait and see.

Denza D9 was officially launched at a surprise price of 329,800 yuan, and brought 6 amazing benefits to users. With the double superposition of luxury quality and exciting price, it hit the “premium status quo” that the high-end MPV market has long been occupied by a few traditional joint venture brands. ”, leading the high-end MPV market to develop in the direction of electrification and intelligence.

At the same time, Denza D9 also brings an epoch-making luxury experience to users with the five luxury of “design, ride, wisdom, driving, and safety”. From the atmospheric design that integrates rationality and sensibility, to the super-intelligent interactive cockpit, to the multi-dimensional security guard, Denza D9 is creating a business-friendly IKEA travel experience for users with its full strengths. At the same time, it has awakened the era changes in the traditional MPV market. Following the pace of the listing, the Denza D9 show car and test drive will gradually arrive at directly-operated stores across the country. Users can taste the real car at any store, or make an appointment for a test drive, and start offline with the Denza D9. intimate interaction.

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