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Some time ago, I found that station B now not only has ghost animals, but also many good learning videos, which are about to become a learning website. It is still good for young people and has become a fan. So I wanted to get a better avatar for my number. Previously, the chubby avatars were used on WeChat video accounts, and they were blocked n times. Pang Pang Zai Tian C is definitely the key protection object, and it is estimated that it is more expensive than the baby panda. I searched for pictures of Soochow Fatty on the Internet, uploaded a few avatars on station B, and was immediately blocked. Such a handsome, handsome, harmless, cute and cute avatar was also blocked? Is there any reason? Is there any humanity? At first glance, this is a good thing done by the ruthless risk control platform, and it must be fixed.


The original picture has been blocked many times, which is very uncomfortable and a little angry. Then disguise it, get a vest, and make it a little more vicious.


Unexpectedly, the system’s picture recognition ability is quite strong, and it still can’t pass.


Finally passed, human cunning finally triumphed over stupid system. General Shou Zhou returned to his place.


Are there any domineering side leaks?


Then send the avatar of the WeChat video account. It has not been blocked yet. I don’t know how long it will survive. Haha, have a good weekend.

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