Memories fade, misses stay forever – 7 Years From Now

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A slice-of-life story-style adventure game with unique voxel graphics and time-jumping elements. Accompany Haruto, a high school student, on a journey to find memories he may have lost in an accident seven years ago.

About the game

Play as high school student Haruto Soraki on a journey to find memories he may have lost in an accident seven years ago. Start a journey from your hometown, meet forgotten friends, uncover the dark secrets of the town, travel back in time to catch up with those who try to stop you, and find a way to piece together the truth from seven years ago.

main features

  • Unique pixel-style slice-of-life stories

  • Explore the town and interact with the townspeople to advance the story

  • Investigate mysterious events

  • Uncover the town’s secrets

  • Go back in time and outsmart your enemies

  • Solve the mystery of amnesia and find out the truth

Game experience

Almost perfect rhythm control

The rhythm control of this work is perfect, and each subsection of the current work is fully connected, and key clues are often given at the end of the subsection, making people want to start the next chapter of the story immediately. The author has a very deep influence. When I played for the first time, I planned to spend two days to finish it in the afternoon. As a result, the more I played, the more I played and the more I passed through the night (there was no DLC at that time, only the main work).

Also worth mentioning is the game’s BGM. The change of sound effects is a special feature of a plot direction. With different sound effects, the plot often moves to a different stage of development, which is also a key to emotional changes in the direction of the plot. In the cross-change of sound effects, there will be more sense of substitution, which can attract players. Go deep into the plot. Players experience the change of the plot in the change of the sound effect, so as to be more deeply immersed and feel the meaning of the game plot. This is the key role played by the sound effect in the plot game, which can add emotional changes to the extreme. In order to increase the player’s sense of substitution and immersion. Below is the OST of the game for appreciation:

Taiwanese drama about crossing

The main body of the story is still relatively clear. He lost his memory due to something 7 years ago. He desperately asked his parents and finally returned to his hometown during the spring break. During the time he spent with the doctor and old friends, he found his belongings little by little. His own memory has continuously experienced a series of changes, the sacrifice of friends, the conspiracy of the hospital, the experiment of the doctor… These have returned to zero in the time and space backtracking again and again. When the last trace of memory was retrieved by him, the hospital All the facts surfaced, but he was faced with a choice: to preserve the memory, or to change the past. Fortunately, the final ending was good, and Haru and Aoi still fulfilled that promise.

I also read some online friends’ criticism of the game console, thinking that it is too long-winded and immature, and the underlying logic cannot support the whole story. As a light player of AVG, I personally think that it is a bit heavy, not to mention that the author fumi is an independent developer full-stack development without a relatively professional copywriting desk. As far as “children” is concerned, most of the whole story revolves around the children in the hospital , the script that is too strict will give the player a sense of alienation, and cut off the lifeline of the game without gameplay: the player’s sense of substitution for the story.

The Japanese dialogue may indeed make localization difficult, but not to an unacceptable level. As for the underlying logic of the story, I admit that the later settings have gone far, but there are no obvious logical errors. Just as science fiction works are based on humanistic concerns, the time jump is only the surface after all, and the core is still the author’s praise and praise for friendship and love that can span time and space. , who would care why Ichiki’s time machine can’t be traversed like a machine cat’s drawer, and which friend would be too far-fetched for the true story when the two went to Yujing instead of being moved by the last HE and their love? .

Linear Flow and Open Imagination

Strictly speaking, this work cannot be regarded as a game, it has no gameplay, only a story.

In the linear story flow, all the player does is to operate the characters to interact with the designated places. But in addition to the script and music mentioned above, I think part of the reason why players have a strong sense of substitution is due to the art style of voxels. The voxel style here is just the author’s helpless move as an independent developer, but it has just become the finishing touch similar to a blank space, allowing players to focus on the plot itself rather than other factors, and the voxel is very abstract in style. Give players more space for thinking and imagination, and the effect is even better than some AVG works with excellent vertical paintings.

Simple pictures will not affect the ups and downs of the plot. A single branch will not reduce the player’s understanding of the plot, but will reflect its profoundness. The layer-by-layer foreshadowing of the game perfectly makes the emotional experience of the player and the character on the same level, whether it is sad or happy, or scared or afraid, as if there is no screen gap, I can also see their smiles and tears. , was struck directly by their emotions.

Illustration appreciation

Because the game itself is relatively unpopular, there are not many fans. I collected some of my favorite works as much as possible.


“It must be handsome to die for my son’s first love!!!”

The dreamlike first love of Haruto and Aoi is the unconditional belief that the other will come to save them, and Tateishi, who protects his son’s first love with his life, and Ichiki’s father, who wants to make the operation successful through time, without hesitation. And helping friends Lu, Menzhen, and Yimu create the ultimate romance together under absolutely ideal conditions.

The selfless devotion of family, the love of two small and innocent, and the friendship between two sides are all feelings that make everyone look forward to it. These kinds of feelings are not superimposed but constantly sublimated. The more people look at it, the more intoxicated they are. , and more and more heartbroken.

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