“Feidu Technology” completed the A+ round of financing, focusing on the underlying development of digital twins

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36氪 was informed that “ Beijing Feidu Technology Co., Ltd. ” recently completed the A+ round of financing. This round of financing was invested by Shenzhen Zhicheng Shuzhi No. 8 Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Shuzhi No. 8”). Shuzhi No. 8 is managed by a private equity fund management company wholly-owned by Shenzhen Smart City Technology Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhi City Group”). Shenzhicheng Group is a state-level high-tech enterprise wholly-owned and directly managed by Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission . With the overall positioning of “providing a high-standard one-stop overall solution for the construction of smart cities and digital government”, in accordance with the national digital development policy, comprehensive Carry out smart city and digital government construction and operation.

After this round of financing, Feidu Technology will maintain continuous investment in key technologies for digital transformation, and will put more energy and R&D resources into the development and promotion of innovative business products. In terms of comprehensive functions, powerful performance, easy to use and highly competitive price products, the company’s market share has been further increased.

Founded in 2016, Feidu Technology is positioned as a digital twin PaaS platform with domestic independent intellectual property rights, focusing on the underlying development of digital twins. Feidu Technology has a number of industry-leading data engines and graphics engines with spatial data governance and rendering capabilities, and has accumulated hundreds of CIM (BIM, GIS) digital twin projects for Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places provide digital twin city construction services, and have achieved scene verification in airports, parks, electric power, railways, subways and other fields.

Feidu Technology is headquartered in Beijing, and has Wuhan R&D Center, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other subsidiaries. There are nearly 300 employees, of which 70% are R&D/technical personnel, and 30% are doctors and masters.


Digital twin case, image source: Feidu Technology

Two core products: PaaS platform and CIM basic platform

At present, Feidu Technology has two core products: DTS digital twin PaaS platform and CIM basic platform.

Core product 1: DTS digital twin PaaS platform

The DTS digital twin PaaS platform has core capabilities such as spatial data governance, visual interaction, spatial analysis and secondary development, and is more exemplary and sustainable in terms of capabilities and applications. DTS provides a complete solution from raw data to final 3D rendering, realizes automatic processing of the whole process, a set of multiple data rendering modes, and supports client, browser, and mobile applications. DTS can lower the threshold for digital twins, deeply mine the value of 3D data, allow users to focus on business, and hand over tedious workflow to DTS. At present, the DTS digital twin PaaS platform has 50,000 developers and 200,000 reach users, covering and supporting more than 20 industries.


DTS product core technology framework, picture source: Feidu Technology

Core product 2: CIM basic platform

The CIM basic platform is a domestic, independent and controllable professional platform developed by Feidu Technology. It has the key capabilities to improve the comprehensive management and operation and maintenance level of cities: data governance capabilities, data carrying and running capabilities, real-time rendering capabilities, and digital backplane production. With governance capabilities, openness, sharing capabilities, and extensive application capabilities, it has the characteristics of all time and space, all processes, all elements, multiple scales, and computability. The CIM basic platform can be applied on a single map of urban comprehensive development, in comprehensive urban planning, urban renewal, urban physical examination, emergency command, refined governance, carbon neutrality, smart bridges, smart pipe networks, smart water, and building operation and maintenance. , smart engineering and other fields are widely used. Since the beginning of 2020, the Feidu Technology team has participated in a number of city-level and national-level CIM research, CIM standard formulation, CIM white paper and program compilation, and the project implementation area covers all new first-tier cities in China.

Song Bin, founder and CEO of Feidu Technology, said that the CIM platform should have five capabilities:

1. CIM has the basic ability to access and aggregate data from various majors and industries in the entire space: covering 2D, 3D, underground space data models, geological models, man-made engineering models, and even a large number of city photos in the future , Video data model.

2. Organization and coding capabilities of CIM data: It is necessary to have a coding system that can well reflect the real world, support a wider range of scenarios, and must allow machines to understand, simulate, and predict.

3. Carrying capacity of CIM data: A large number of 3D data volumes have the characteristics of large model volume and large data volume, and the structure is relatively complex, and it is necessary to ensure that they can operate normally and efficiently.

Fourth, CIM’s visualization capabilities for real-time rendering and natural interaction in the physical world: It must provide customers with a very good experience, so that customers can quickly use various 3D data and call business information.

5. Simulation and fusion capabilities: CIM models carry a large amount of data and need to be able to combine with the base model through computer simulation, prediction, and forecasting at a deep level.

6. Shared exchange capabilities: In the future, the upstream and downstream of the industry must be connected, and different industries must be connected. Various diverse data and diverse information must be shared and exchanged with other industries and platforms in real time and efficiently.


CIM basic platform framework, image source: Feidu Technology

Build the bottom twin platform of the Metaverse

From 3D GIS to real 3D, from digital twin to metaverse, although the concept of the industry is constantly evolving, the underlying rendering technology is still the core of industry development.

Song Bin, founder and CEO of Feidu Technology, believes that the most important feature of the Metaverse is that it originates from reality, but must go beyond reality. The technology involved in the metaverse has been around for a long time. The reason why the concept has suddenly become popular in the past two years is because the conditions for its large-scale commercialization are constantly maturing. Metaverse will spawn large-scale business opportunities similar to those brought by the Internet and mobile Internet in the past, and bring huge development opportunities to related industries, especially in blockchain, AI personality engine, new generation Internet of Things and graphics and image engines. field. Digital twin is one of the key technologies for building the metaverse. The metaverse opens up application scenarios for digital twins and will bring a major boost to the industry. And reality 3D may become the data cornerstone of the Metaverse. As the best way to describe the real world, real 3D data can become an important data component of the metaverse world in the future by combining AI secondary reconstruction technology.

Song Bin said that the real metaverse is not far away, but it still takes some time to develop in terms of network bandwidth, AI personality engine, and digital twin technology. The main problem that needs to be solved at present is how to enable thousands of non-professional users to create digital twins efficiently and at low cost. In the future, Feidu Technology will play a role in the metaverse market one step further, and by using the company’s digital twin products, it will become the underlying support for building the metaverse.

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