“Firestone Creation” completed the B round of financing of 100 million yuan, and is committed to the development of data-driven industries

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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, Firestone Creation announced the completion of the B round of financing of 100 million yuan, which was jointly invested by the new shareholder, the SME development fund of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Puhua (Hangzhou) Fund, Liandong Group, and the old shareholder Wangmei Investment. Jin Xia, chairman of Firestone Creation, said that this round of financing will be used for the continuous exploration of industrial data intelligent services, and Firestone Creation and Liandong will also increase collaboration in industrial services, park operations and other business levels.

It is understood that Firestone Creation was established in 2015 and is committed to the development of data-driven industries and took the lead in releasing “Industrial Brain” and related products and services. At present, Firestone Creation has formed a global public domain industry data center covering nine new industries, 70+ sub-sectors, and accumulating more than 800 million legal person dynamic ontology. These industrial parks and tens of thousands of enterprises provide industrial brain-related data intelligence services.

As a new type of digital industrial infrastructure, the Flint Industrial Brain is an important landing path for China to build a modernized industrial chain system and realize the dual-cycle strategy. The government side of the Firestone industry’s brain is an industrial management system with decision support as the core, to achieve digitalization to improve the efficiency of market resource allocation and government macro-control, and to improve the industrial system’s emergency response capabilities, integrated research capabilities, and risk prediction capabilities.

The market side is a professional service system with industrial innovation as the core, based on the digitalization of enterprises, integrating the industrial chain, supply chain, capital chain and innovation chain, and transforming the personalized and professional resources and services of the industry into standardized and shared It will promote industrial governance reform, resource equal rights reform and operation mode reform at a deeper level, form a new type of production relationship serving small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, and promote enterprises to achieve innovation, quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In terms of team, Chairman Jin Xia is a leading talent of the National Ten Thousand Talents Program, an innovative talent of the Ministry of Science and Technology, an expert of the 14th Five-Year Plan of China’s Bio-Economy, the first expert of the Urban Competitiveness Research Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and the Scientific Data Committee of China Information Association. Vice President, outstanding figure in China’s scientific and technological innovation and development, new Zhejiang businessman and innovative figure in science and technology, and head of Hangzhou’s leading youth entrepreneurial team.


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