Female nude with green shawl

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Although German artist Käthe Kollwitz is mostly known for the social themes that made her famous, the lithographic work we present today may come as a surprise. Female Nude with Green Shawl is a rich study of the slender back of a dark-haired woman surrounded by a pool of emerald green cloth, her face covered and the light falling on her Combed hair and slightly arched shoulders. Thematically, Kollwitz draws inspiration from the French art of the Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres tradition. Printed in two colors, this piece is mesmerized by the delicate luminous effect of the shoulder area, which was created using the engraved needle of the copper engraving. And the artist used kraft tones for the body parts. Thanks to the Dresden State Art Collection for sharing this work with us.

Colewitz was a genius in printmaking. In total, she produced 275 prints, including etchings, woodcuts and lithographs. By the way, one of her signature pieces is featured in our postcard set of 50 Women Artists , so don’t miss it!

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58 x 44 cm


Dresden State Art Collection

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