MobaXterm: An SSH client artifact that is better than Xshell

Hello everyone, I’m Xiaobian!

Due to the need to connect to a remote Linux server, Putty and SecureCRT were used in the early days, and Xshell was mainly used later.

Since I came into contact with MobaXterm, I personally feel that it is better to use than Xshell, which is an artifact of SSH client!

The relationship between MobaXterm and Xshell is like the relationship between IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse, with more powerful functions and more cool effects.

Next, introduce MobaXterm’s download, installation, simple use, and its powerful features (advantages).

MobaXterm download

If it is for personal use, downloading the home version (free) can meet the basic work needs; if you want to use more rich functions, you can use the professional version (paid).

Personally use the home version v12.3, which is enough for work needs.

1. The following is the download address of MobaXterm Home Edition (the latest version is v12.4):

MobaXterm installation

The download is a compressed file in zip format, as follows:

After unzipping, double-click the msi file to install

The following is the installation interface (select “next” all the way to install):

After the installation is complete, you can see the desktop shortcut icon of MobaXterm on the desktop, as shown below:


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MobaXterm is easy to use

1. Double-click the MobaXterm icon on the desktop to enter the user interface, select Session – > SSH, as shown below:

2. Fill in the IP and username of the remote host to be connected, as shown below:

3. Click “OK” to enter the password input page of the remote machine, and enter the correct login password of the host.

Select “Yes” to save the password and access the host in the future without having to enter the host password every time.

At this point, you can operate the remote host and perform the corresponding work.

MobaXterm Feature Highlights (Benefits)

1. Embedded Sftp module, you can easily upload or download files (support drag and drop)

In the command window, enter the directory where files need to be uploaded or downloaded, check “Follow terminal folder”, and the Sftp directory on the left will jump to the corresponding directory.

There are two ways to upload files:

Click the file upload button of MobaXterm, select the file to be uploaded in the local directory, and click OK to complete the upload.

In the local directory, select the file to be uploaded and drag the file to the remote directory of Sftp to complete the upload.

There are two ways to download files:

In the remote server directory, select the file to be downloaded, click the download function button, and then select the corresponding save path to download.

In the remote server directory, select the file to be downloaded and drag the file to the local directory to complete the download.

2. It has its own monitoring function, which can easily detect the usage of remote machine resources

Below the left menu bar, click “Remote monitoring” to see the real-time usage of remote machine resources; click again, the usage will be hidden.

3. You can easily view the Session list

Since work may be exposed to different projects, it is necessary to connect to different remote environments. We often create multiple folders to save the session information of the remote machine

4. Various connection methods

Not only can you use SSH, but there are many other ways to connect

5. You can use Linux commands to view Windows local directories and files just like viewing Linux systems

6. Cool font highlighting effect

Taking Tomcat’s log file content as an example, some keywords will be highlighted in different colors to facilitate problem finding:

7. Support fast copying of Session window

Right-click on the Session tab and select “Duplicate tab” to complete the duplication

8. You can set different colors for different Session tabs

Right-click on the Session tab, select “Set tab color”, you can choose the color you like

**Can choose basic color or custom color: **

After modification, the effect is as follows:

9. Support multiple Session window list display

The free home version also supports opening multiple session windows at the same time. When multiple windows are opened, it may be inconvenient to view the specific session window you want to see.

Click the “Paperclip” button at the top right of MobaXterm to see all open Session windows

10. The left menu bar can be easily popped up and hidden

1) Click the shrink button on the left to complete the hiding of the left menu bar

The effect after shrinking is as follows:

**2) Click the “Eject” button on the left to pop up the menu bar **

11. MobaXterm game

Several mini games are provided in the Tools toolbar on the left

1) Tetris

2) Sudoku

12. Support four Session window split screen effects

Supports four split screen effects: single row, vertical split, horizontal split and four-quadrant split

1) Single straight row effect (traditional effect, more commonly used and practical)

2) Vertical split screen effect (can be used for file comparison between two hosts)

3) Horizontal split screen

4) Four-quadrant split screen

13. After the session is disconnected, it can be easily connected again

It is often encountered that a session window is opened, and if you do not operate for a long time or the network is disconnected halfway, you need to log in to the remote machine again.

There is no need to close the window at this point, just reopen one.

MobaXterm provides a convenient way: just enter R to restart the session

After entering R, you can connect to the previous session again


MobaXterm is really an SSH client artifact, which is highly recommended for everyone!

If you want to operate a Linux remote machine in a cool way, try to experience the various “magic skills” of MobaXterm!

The powerful features of MobaXterm will surely amaze you!

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