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Use browser bookmarks to fill in nickname/email/URL with one click when leaving comments on blog sites

Take Chrome as an example, add a bookmark and save it as a bookmark. The browser creates a bookmark (that is, a new favorite website) and then the name is recommended: fill in the nickname/email/website with one click (how to write it conveniently), and write the web address. Enter the following code. Remember to modify the information in the code to your own information. When you need to fill in the information in the future, click this bookmark and it will be filled in automatically.
 javascript: void function() { var lauthor = ["#author","input[name='comname']","#inpName","input[name='author']","#ds-dialog-name","#name"]; var lmail =["#mail","#email","input[name='commail']","#inpEmail","input[name='email']","#ds-dialog-email","input[name='mail']"]; var lurl =["#url","input[name='comurl']","#inpHomePage","#ds-dialog-url","input[name='url']","#website"]; for (i = 0; i < lauthor.length; i++) { var author = document.querySelector(lauthor[i]); if (author != null) { author.value = '昵称'; break; } } for (j = 0; j < lmail.length; j++) { var mail = document.querySelector(lmail[j]); if (mail != null) { mail.value = '邮箱'; break; } } for (k = 0; k < lurl.length; k++) { var url = document.querySelector(lurl[k]); if (url != null) { url.value = '网址'; break; } } return ! 1; } ()

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