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If you say what is the most important thing for a person, I think it is to find your own life theme .

What is a motif? He is your starting point for all problems, and he addresses the problems and challenges that how we see the world presents us.

The motif also guides you to think, what is right? What is wrong? What is it worth? What is not important?

For each of us, finding our own motif will allow you to go straight to Huanglong and move towards the goal among the many choices.

However, the motif is also possible to change, you can have a motif of your own life, and set a stage motif for yourself. Life motifs are too general to be enforceable. The staged motifs can help you better complete your work and solve various problems in your real life.

Look at the world with your motifs, and don’t be that dumb person.

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