Why are you always working overtime?

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In the previous article ” Hard work is not a bad thing, no growth is “, I advocated everyone not to pay attention to the hard work itself, but to focus on the growth behind the hard work.

And this one, I want to talk about why you are always working overtime?

There are three types of overtime:

1. The corporate atmosphere is too bad

Most of us are very resistant to the idea of ​​having to stay and do some pointless overtime in order to solve the fear in the boss’s heart when we have nothing to do.

For this kind of scenario, I have suggested before, run away early, and don’t waste your life and energy on this garbage company. If you can’t switch to a good company now, use this meaningless time to study and help yourself run.

2. You study the company’s air conditioner

For many young people, the richness of life is relatively low. They have just graduated and do not have so many spare time activities, so they will have a lot of free time.

If this is the case, then encourage you to read and study in the company, and use the company’s air conditioner. As long as you are a normal-minded boss, you will generally not give you a bad evaluation because you are studying in the company.

3. There are really many things to do, and you need to work overtime to do them.

At work, everyone has a lot of things to do, and you have a lot of things to do and things to do. You don’t think you can do it in 8 hours, so you work overtime to do it.

However, before you work overtime, have you seriously thought & evaluated your work – what are their priorities?

If you need to work overtime, it is probably not that there is really not enough time, but that you have the wrong priority of doing things. You prioritize low-quality things over high-quality things. Doing things against priorities, so overtime is needed to supplement high-priority things. But the reality is that many things are acceptable to be delivered later, so there is no need to rush to do things that can be delivered later.

Control your priorities, and accept that the most important and best things are done, and it is completely OK to do the rest slowly.

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