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Recently, a video titled “Three days back to the village, my second uncle cured my mental internal friction” went viral on the Internet. I watched it for the first time, but in just 11 minutes, I wrote the whole life of my second uncle.

The second uncle in the video was a young man with excellent character and study when he was young. The second uncle, who could go to college and have a bright future, was given four injections in one day by the village quack doctor because of a fever before the college entrance examination, resulting in a lifelong disability in one leg. The disabled second uncle did not become decadent because of this. On the contrary, he actively loved life and taught himself to become a carpenter, famous in the village.

The second uncle was never married and adopted a baby girl when he was young. When the girl got married, the second uncle took out his life savings to buy a house for his daughter. Now my second uncle, who is in his 60s, and his mother, who is in his 80s, depend on each other for life. In the face of these fateful jokes, the second uncle laughed at the suffering, while his old mother tried to commit suicide because she could not see any hope. The filial second uncle was worried that his mother would do stupid things again, so every time he went to work, he would take his old mother by his side. Now the second uncle, through self-taught skills, is dedicating his light and heat to the village wholeheartedly.

The above is the outline of the story. There are many details that I have not told. Please watch the entire content on the Internet.

Second uncle’s story, doesn’t it sound very positive? Disabled and determined, tenacious and unyielding, laughing at suffering. Just like Paul Korchagin, Helen Keller and Shi Tiesheng who once appeared in our Chinese textbooks.

In the past, we were often admired and moved by these characters, but today, are we limited to this? If it were just that, there would be no need to write this article.

Over the years, we seem to have developed a mental habit. We are accustomed to praising people who have struggled to crawl. We praise them for their hard work and hard work. They do not hesitate to use a lot of gorgeous words to render their sublime. In the end, they were brought to the altar of morality with the emotion of suffering.

The direct consequence of such praise is to encourage people in suffering to be willing to bear suffering and to regard suffering as glory; second, to ignore all causes and internal logics that lead to suffering.

Suffering is suffering, and is not worthy of beautification and praise. What we need to do is to love and help those who are suffering. Instead of using the suffering of others as the material, it becomes the source of healing one’s own spiritual internal friction. I once wrote the short story “The Old Lady Killed by Rumors” . The purpose of my writing was not simply to write about the suffering and misery of the family of characters in the text. Instead, I want to let readers have compassion and empathy for suffering through my own brushstrokes. If readers read my article and feel sympathy for Mrs. Liu’s experience, they can also be in awe of the rumors, then my goal has been achieved.

A truly optimistic person who believes that the world can be changed by his own power. So when he encounters injustice, he will cry. When he encounters hardship, he will pursue it. You have to figure things out before you can figure it out.

As for a “fate acceptor” who gives up pursuing his own suffering, does not complain about injustice, and lets his life be like this, he can be pessimistic or optimistic, but he can never be optimistic. Just like the second uncle in the video, who has been disabled for most of his life, but can’t even get a disability certificate. The wind and candle are dying, but they still have to sell their physical strength to support themselves and their mother. I don’t think it’s optimistic, it’s just that he accepts his fate.

And what we have to do is to follow the mainstream and applaud this bowl of chicken soup. After a few days of waiting, with the next wave of hot spots, the second uncle was completely forgotten in the corner of the Internet.

Now, make this bowl of chicken soup!

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