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Second Uncle’s video has been hyped recently. After watching the video, I have the same reaction as most people, and I feel very moved.

But then I couldn’t help thinking, what would I do if it were me?

After thinking for a moment, there are only two ways, the first: to end your own life, but if you do, who else will feel sad for you except your family?

Don’t you see, there are a lot of videos of jumping off the building circulating in the WeChat group during this time. What is your reaction after watching it? With a sigh, he continued to bury himself in his own business.

Who would go deep into the misfortune behind them, maybe this person is another second uncle, but he chose to go on this one.

But we didn’t respond, why is that? We will think that in the face of suffering, we should be more positive and optimistic like the second uncle, rather than choose to give up.

Yes, but with so many unfortunate people, except for a few who choose to end their lives, which other people are not the same as Second Uncle?

If they choose to live, they can only face life with a positive and optimistic attitude, otherwise they would have already embarked on that road, so please make it clear that this is a kind of helplessness. Let your nephew endure everything and let your nephew Take a video, let the majority of netizens admire you, and frantically swipe “Second Uncle” in the barrage, would you like to?

Second Uncle’s misfortune is a personal misfortune, but also a misfortune of the times. Throughout his life, it is a history of new China.

Just like Fugui in “Alive”, he is alive and only alive, we will not praise his optimistic attitude, we should feel sad, sad for Fugui in it, and sad for this era, but remember forever. Don’t believe that all these sufferings are worth it. Suffering is suffering. Suffering does not bring success. Suffering is not worth pursuing. It is just because suffering cannot be avoided.

Wang Xiaobo said: “Humans are animals that can deceive themselves. We have suffered a lot of useless suffering and wasted a lot of time, so some people want to say that this experience is noble.”

What’s the point of this video? Do you want everyone to see how strong the author’s second uncle is to cure our so-called mental internal friction?

The video exposed some problems that should be solved. Do you pay attention to it? Why the second uncle’s disability certificate has been unable to obtain, is it because our relevant departments are trying to hone the second uncle’s ability to endure hardships? Does the second uncle have subsistence allowances? Is it normal for a 68-year-old to pull another 88-year-old to work? How many such uncles are there in our society?

An ordinary person tells his sufferings through video and boils a bowl of chicken soup for himself. That’s because the second uncle can only accept his fate. What can be done?

But should the officials reflect on how much of the second uncle’s suffering was caused by you when they join in the fun? Do you want to say: You people can’t do anything, and we don’t think there’s anything we can do about it, so let’s just endure it, right?

To refute the author’s words, life is more important than “playing a bad hand into a good hand”. First, find out who is dealing the cards, otherwise they will keep giving you bad cards, and you will not be able to finish even if you play two lifetimes. , On the other hand, Zhou Gongzi is born with good cards, and he can play whatever he wants. Is this fair?

Having said that, the last time the video of station B was hyped up was “Hou Lang”. I still remember that I was so proud at that time and it was so happy to grow up here. We have the right to choose! It’s only been two years, and the style of painting has become as plain and miserable as the second uncle. It’s true. Are these the same group of people?

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