Flint Creates Industry Brain Receives Strategic Investment

Firestone Creation, founded in 2015, is an industrial big data and artificial intelligence technology company. As a leading manufacturer of data-driven industrial governance solutions and a continuous cultivator in the life and health industry, the company provides the government with an industrial brain system, an intelligent investment promotion system and a digital innovation service platform to help build clusters and strengthen chains, and promote the realization of advanced industrial foundations and industrialization. chain modernization. So far, the company has successfully served 20+ core cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as 150+ industrial parks and tens of thousands of enterprises including Zhongguancun Life Park, Suzhou Industrial Park, Shanghai Pudong New Area, and Chengdu High-tech Zone. Recently, Liandong Group made a strategic investment in Firestone Creation, and successfully held a strategic investment signing ceremony. The U Valley · Firestone Industrial Brain Digital Innovation Service Platform was launched simultaneously.

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