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I originally wanted to talk about the taxi driver I met on the road for medical examination, but I ended up writing about my opinion on vocational education. 50% of children must go to vocational high school. Do you think it is good or bad?

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Since I started working, the company has organized physical examinations every year. Some people have arranged to go to the medical examination center of the hospital, and some have arranged institutions such as Meinian University. The physical examination is also a good thing. On the one hand, we can check whether there are any hidden diseases. There are some abnormal signs, and I urge myself to make some corrections.

After working for a few years, my physical condition has generally improved. Maybe I was too presumptuous when I first started working. After the first year of work, fatty liver, high purine, high uric acid, cervical and lumbar spine, and a series of spine problems have all been reported. It came out, and it really surprised me. In fact, the situation of the little friends is not very good, and everyone began to pay attention to their “conditions” when they communicated with each other. For example, Uniform bought a monitor stand, raised his head to look at the screen, and did not have to bow his head and hold his chest, for example, Uniform bought blue light-blocking glasses.

As for me, I took the military exam last year. I was afraid that I would not pass the military medical examination. I tried to lose weight, but the fatty liver was reduced. This year’s physical examination is not a big problem. In fact, I am very happy to see the risk items in my physical examination report gradually decrease. In short, wear blue light-blocking glasses, drink plenty of water (it can make you pee a lot and move unconsciously), keep exercising (I choose to run), and control your weight. Basically, young people don’t have major problems with their bodies. . But it is worth mentioning that I found that I am 28 years old and still growing. With my height, I feel like I am going to be 190, which is quite a show off?

In fact, if it is just a physical examination, there is no need to write a small essay, and there is no serious physical problem. The main reason is that the two taxi drivers who are taking taxis back and forth are quite interesting.

Big brother talking about buying a house

I remember the physical examination in the second year of work. I made an appointment with homme to go together. As a result, I arrived at the physical examination center at 8:30, and the physical examination was completed at 2:30 in the afternoon. Is it outrageous? The feeling of the whole physical examination is, where are so many people! The color ultrasound took more than 100, which was really outrageous. The healthy breakfast was just past the lunch point. So, this time, I simply got up early, and I rushed over at 7:30, I really didn’t want to queue up.

Getting up early for nucleic acid is naturally indispensable. I found that after getting up early, there is really less trouble. There are no children who are queuing for nucleic acid, and there are no uncles and aunts who cut the queue and like to be close to you. Go and do it directly, it’s great! Afterwards, take a taxi for a checkup.

  • In your community, I don’t think there are many people who are regarded as nucleic acids?
  • Oh, the owners of this community all get up late, and they are still sleeping at this point (more than 6 o’clock). If you come to see it at 9 o’clock, there will be many people.
  • hahahahaha ~ How much did you pay for the house when you bought it? 8000?
  • I bought it when I was the highest, more than 10,000, no way.
  • But it should have risen now, and there is definitely no loss. I also said at first that I would buy this, but later I bought it in another place. I bought it for 15,000, and I also gave a parking space.
  • Then you are not cheap!
  • Yes, but I have now risen to more than 20,000.

Later, my eldest brother chatted with me about some pitfalls of buying a house in the community at that time, but I did not encounter it. I have divided two phases of the community here, and I belong to the first phase. In the second phase, due to the relocation of the original village ancestral hall, the owner, the developer and the government repeatedly pulled together. Roughly speaking, when buying a house, you can only look at the location through the sand table, and get a general understanding of the unit type. After you pay for the purchase, you will find that the ancestral hall of the original village is under the building. There is an ancestral hall under your house. Right. The government means that I will give the lost money to the village, and you can choose the place to relocate. What the villagers mean is that the money you lost is not enough for the cost of our original construction, so how can we relocate? The elder brother said that there must be some black-hearted village cadres, and the government must have enough money for the black family.

Of course, the taxi eldest brother has the right to listen to the story. As for the specific situation, I am not a saint, it is none of my business. What amazes me is that there is almost no parking along the way. It stands to reason that during the morning rush hour on weekdays, the ring road will be blocked, not to mention that the whole road will pass through some two-lane and four-lane roads. No traffic jams. The driver said:

  • Affected by the epidemic, those who have opened stores can no longer open, and they are closed every three days, so how can they do business? That is, you office workers, can’t come out to work. If there are elderly people and children at home, when you go out, try to buy everything as much as possible, and don’t go out. If you can’t buy it, forget it. Anyway, just stay at home. Did you know that there are still a few cars on the road now, and after 9 o’clock, no one can be pulled at all, and no cars can be seen on the road. Two days ago, a guy talked and said that he ran 10 kilometers and pulled a list of 9 yuan. Hey, it’s not good.

In fact, I really don’t really feel the impact of the epidemic on the economy. It may be because the industry I am in and my colleagues around me have created this illusion for me. In addition to the fact that it is not easy for everyone to change jobs, and the salary increase is relatively small, the epidemic has not brought much economic impact. However, you can indeed imagine that the outbreak of two epidemics in three days has caused panic among people. If you can buy things online, don’t go to places with many people offline. Shopping malls and stores are closed when they say they are closed. People in the service industry may not have such a good time.

Big brother talking about his son going to college

On my birthday last year, I got a taxi, and when my eldest brother passed by a high school, he proudly said:

My son was in the top of the district in the middle school entrance examination. After he went to high school, he was also with another child in their class. You were the first in the two of them, and I was the first. Should he choose liberal arts or science? Science is just like you, it’s good to rely on technology, but liberal arts seem to be all major leaders who study liberal arts.

I was thinking at the time, you said, who are the parents of the top students in key high schools? You may never have thought of being a taxi driver! I don’t look down on the taxi driver. I think that the taxi driver is very busy and may not have much time to pay attention to the child’s growth and supervise the child’s learning.

This time, the physical examination was very fast, and all the projects were completed within half an hour. It turned out that the new company was located in the park next to the physical examination center. I just went to step on the spot. At 8:30, the door was not opened. . It was over at 9 o’clock, and I just took a taxi and continued to go back to work.

  • You work, where do you eat your meals these days?
  • There is a canteen in the park.
  • Isn’t dine-in banned?
  • Oh, pack and go, go to the office, or squat on the side of the road to eat.
  • Let me tell you, this epidemic has caused a lot of tossing people, and I am eating now, so I can only buy a bowl of noodles and eat them on the roadside.
  • The impact of the epidemic is quite large. Stores are not allowed to dine in, and there are no cars on the road.
  • That’s right, this road, at this point in the past, has long been blocked, and you see now, it doesn’t stop at all.
  • This point should be the time for college students to return to school in previous years.
  • Yes, on this date, the new parents usually come with them, book a hotel, visit tourist attractions for two days, settle the children, and then the parents return. If it was before, I would go to the airport and the high-speed railway station at this time, and I would not be able to make money.
  • Schools are supposed to start late, right?
  • Colleges and universities have delayed the start of school, and primary and secondary schools have not been notified. Hey, if this is delayed, it will have a great impact on the child.
  • Indeed, high school kids are very nervous.
  • High school kids are just fine, especially junior high school kids, who are rebellious and don’t study hard.
  • Hey, junior high school, I was also a fun-loving person in junior high school, but high school is just fine.
  • The problem is that you were good in high school exams back then, but now 50% of you are good. If you can’t pass the exam, you can only go to vocational schools. The problem is that there are no good schools in vocational schools.

Although I am a fun-loving person, my grades have never been particularly bad, not reaching 50%, so I actually don’t have much sympathy for children with poor grades. In the third year of junior high school, I would play DNF all day every Saturday, and the test results were not bad. Two key local high schools called my parents, vying for me to go, and my parents showed off to my colleagues and friends. for a long time. In my third year of high school, I would play LOL all night on weekends, but I couldn’t stop me from being a silver dog. Later, I repeated it. So, let’s not be so playful, right?

However, in the past two years, I have been sneering at what my parents said about uncles and aunts from relatives who forced their children to study. I think, study, why do you have to fight for the top 1%, and then take 10,000 steps back? Even if we are a child from a small fifth-tier city, what will happen to him even if he is admitted to 985? Not to go to the first-tier cities to work. Can these relatives afford a house in a first-tier city? Can the child fall off his feet? Then let the child go back to the fifth-tier small city? Then what is the significance of him trying his best to test 985? Just read two books and choose a good major for Kao Gong, isn’t it the same?

My parents will say at this time, do you know how far their children’s grades have dropped? They may not even be admitted to high school. To be honest, I really had no idea about not getting into high school. In my concept, high school is nothing more than the difference between a good high school and an ordinary high school. Is there still someone who can’t go to high school? Of course, when I say this, I may be a survivor who is biased, or my parents value my education, and I don’t have back pain when I stand and talk. However, it may be true that in our years, your grades were not very good, and you could still go to an ordinary high school with the money. In recent years, policy changes have forced the last 50% of children to go to vocational high schools. The pressure on children is great, and the pressure on parents is also great.

Reflections on Vocational Education

Some time ago, I watched “Big Horse Talking Technology” and talked about Singapore. I have always had a good impression of Singapore, although I have never been there. The general impression is that the social welfare is good, the quality of the people is high, the laws are strict, the environment is very good, and there are many Chinese. If you want to immigrate, Singapore should be a good place to go. However, after chatting with some friends and reading some information, I found that Singapore is not as good as I imagined. For example, although the government provides low-priced houses, houses with good locations and supporting facilities are also very, very expensive. For example, there are public medical resources, but it also takes a long time to queue for appointments. In short, you have to be elite, you have to be rich, to live well there.

“Big Horse Talking Technology” also mentioned the development of Singapore, universities and the concept of governing the country. They mentioned that Singapore is actually an elite country. For example, Lee Hsien Loong studied in Cambridge and Harvard, received a very good education, and can speak multiple languages ​​at will. The switch is very powerful among leaders of various countries. This concept of elite governance, reflected in the common people, is that you will be shunted from childhood. From elementary school, if your grades are not good, you will be shunted, and you can only become a blue-collar worker in your life. When I saw this at the time, I actually had the same reaction as Emma, ​​that some children did not get good grades when they were young, and they might get better when they went to middle school. But at this moment, I suddenly wonder, is the current compulsory diversion of high schools in our country also learning the Singapore model?

I watched a video before, which basically said that the Singapore model is very good, and our country needs to learn the Singapore model. But what is the specific mode, I have not too much impression. However, if the Singapore model is to rule the country by elites with forced diversion, I think it is too arbitrary. Now it is a 50% diversion in high school, and then it is junior high school and elementary school? I think the root cause of everyone’s anxiety is that our vocational education does not have much way out after reading it. Of course, our country is doing a lot of efforts, such as propaganda about craftsmen in great powers, changing people’s stereotypes about vocational education, such as strengthening vocational education colleges and so on.

But I’m joking here, if the civil servants no longer recruit college students, but only recruit children from vocational education, then there is no need to divert them, and everyone should squeeze their heads and go to vocational high school? This is actually an interesting phenomenon. The ultimate purpose of education is to have a good job. Wang Chuanfu originally wanted to take the secondary school entrance exam and become a worker in the factory, but the result was a misunderstanding, and he “regretfully” went to an ordinary high school. If it weren’t for this regret at the beginning, I’m afraid there would be no BYD today. At this moment, just like at that moment, everyone wanted to enter the factory after taking the entrance examination for technical secondary school, and now everyone hopes to enter the system through the postgraduate entrance examination. As for this, those who are interested can read this article “The Disgusted 40%: What happened to those who went to technical secondary schools and technical schools?” -36氪( ”.

I agree with Jiubian very much. Our country’s education system is to learn from Germany, and our country’s vocational education still has to learn from Germany. Vocational education in Germany has many certificates. For example, if you want to pursue a career in accounting, it does not depend on which university or major you are in. You need to pass accounting-related vocational training, complete corresponding exams, and obtain certificates. have the appropriate qualifications. I feel that this is a bit similar to teachers and lawyers. I don’t know if this is appropriate. In short, the development of vocational education, forced diversion is somewhat inhumane. If we start from the results and think more about the purpose of education, maybe the results will be different. For example, the recruitment conditions for civil servants can only be changed to obtain certain certificates, such as job opportunities in certain industries, to obtain certain certificates. In this way, there may be no need to force diversion, and everyone will choose vocational education voluntarily.

Everyone is afraid of vocational education. It is nothing more than reading it or there is no way out. There is a vocational school next to my house. When the central air conditioner was installed, the master was a young man who had just grown up and said:

  • “In the school next to me, my parents asked me to study at the time, but I didn’t want to study. It’s useless. The things I learn cost money. It’s better for me to go out to work, learn things from the master, earn money, and pay for it. Learn things.”

The little brother coughed and spit out the ash that fell into his mouth when he punched holes in the roof to fix the pipes (the spit out was all dry), then put on the safety rope, quickly climbed out of the window to the air-conditioning room, and took three I can’t lift the external machine of the horse (I can’t lift it by myself), and the machine and the person swayed around. I still can’t forget that scene. You say people who come out of vocational education, what can they do? Such a dangerous air conditioner installation? Crane under the hot sun, excavator master? The chef who gets beat by pre-cooked dishes? Or the tony teacher who can’t get it right? What is their income? I am reminded of some words in the book “bullshit jobs”, which roughly means: ” This society has created some meaningless jobs. According to the concept of capitalism not supporting idlers, enterprises should eliminate these jobs, but However, a large number of these positions have appeared, and some phenomena have emerged. The more clearly a person’s work is beneficial to others, the lower the remuneration he gets. On the one hand, the reason is: most of the world’s disposable wealth is held in In the hands of the 1%, then what we call a “market” is just feedback on the preferences of the 1%, not the needs of others.

Thinking about it carefully, with the current technology, jobs like highway toll collectors can be completely replaced by equipment such as ETC. Is there still meaning for this kind of work? Regarding meaningless jobs, “bullshit jobs” describes this matter through a book. This kind of thing seems to have nothing to do with the social system. The author is very hard at criticizing the social system of capitalism. If you are interested, you can read this book. Book. I was talking about vocational education, but it ended up being a meaningless job.

What I want to say is that employment is a global problem, and our country may have handled it quite well. Many jobs, in capitalist countries, would not exist at all. The job is not easy anymore. However, the end of education is employment. Although the employment pressure of college students is already very high, only by thinking clearly about the end point of direct education and solving the problem of vocational education, which is a group of artificial people, can really solve the problem.


In fact, when I wrote this article, I did not expect that the direction would be biased towards vocational education. I may have just wanted to sigh at the beginning of the two cars I hit. The driver and the master were complaining about the impact of the epidemic. vocational education. Some people say that in a mature society, it is hard for children to surpass their parents’ achievements. Some people also say that it is the social system created by capitalists and politicians who have created a stagnant economy that makes it difficult for children to surpass their parents. But what I know is that, looking at the people around me, for the education of my children, it used to be the key high school and ordinary high school volume, 985 and 211, and now it is the higher education and vocational education volume, which will still affect my marriage and fertility to some extent. wishes.

I am very playful myself, not the most diligent and hard-working among my peers, but I have a deep understanding of the bitterness along the way. I’m an ordinary person, I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t have a lot of achievements. But if my child, from birth, needs to worry about his education and employment, he may be more stressed than I was in education at the beginning, and in the end, it will not surpass my achievements, then~

Good night, trust TES! Trust EDG! Trust JackeyLove! Trust Viper!

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