Why does the microwave door open from right to left and the refrigerator door opens from left to right?

The key word we want to discuss today is the door, the door of the appliance. If you recall, these doors have different orientations. Why is this? Well, I don’t know either.

But think about it the other way around, what would happen if the doors were not facing the way they are now?


There are small details that are thoughtful, and there are small details that are super inconsiderate. I’ve been to an extremely cramped public toilet once, and the cubicle door was still pushed inwards – which meant that once I opened the toilet door, it was difficult for me to get into the cubicle (laughter.jpg). Think of a poor man in a rush to urinate, trying to squeeze his stomach into the toilet cubicle…

The same rant also happened in my house. The door of the toilet in my house opens outward, and the bottom of the door is very tightly attached to the ground, so there will be a picture like this: as soon as the door is opened, the absorbent pad at the door is pushed thousands of miles away by the door.

In addition to making me yearn for a bigger house (unrealistic), these experiences also strengthened my determination to go to the toilet with pay in the company.

So you see… bad design really hurts, ahem.

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