Game Boy cassettes that were lost as a child, this book helps you put away

“Childhood Raiders” given to you by a group of old men who love retro games.

In 2019, we once recommended the book “Visual History of Red and White Machines”. In the comment area of ​​that issue, the most praised voice belonged to another legendary model from Nintendo, the Game Boy.


This small handheld computer was born in 1989. Thanks to its light, portable and high-quality design, it has successfully entered the streets of the world once it was launched. Starting from “Super Mario Land” and “Tetris”, to “Pokémon”, “The Legend of Zelda” and so on, many young players have been enlightened by the classic games on the Game Boy.

People who grow up now may not remember the games they played as children, but they will always remember the name Game Boy.

That’s one of the most fascinating things about Game Boy history, a history where games and handhelds have made each other.

Now, someone has collected these historical relics for us and compiled this “GAME BOY Complete File”. For players who want to retrieve their childhood memories, this may be a pretty good choice.


The entire 320 pages of “GAME BOY Complete Archives” are printed on coated paper, and the color and clarity tend to be hardcover magazines or illustrated books, which are very solid in the hand. The cover uses the original Japanese design after translation. In the history from 1989 to 2003, a cassette of a special work was selected to represent each year, such as “The Legend of the Holy Sword” in 1991, “The Legend of the Sword” in 1996 “Pokémon Blue”, “Metal Gear Ghost Babel” in 2000.

可以数一下,有几个自己的心头好 You can count them, a few of them have a good heart

The book is roughly divided into four sections: hardware equipment, game software, topics, and software retrieval tables.

Hardware equipment mainly introduces six generations of equipment from classic Game Boy to Super Game Boy. This part is not too long, but fortunately, the information that is usually difficult to find, such as the fuselage, packaging box, and equipment parameters, is displayed, supplemented by text introduction and some advertising poster designs, which are enough to satisfy the curiosity of most friends. .

有些海报设计现在看来依然不算过时 Some poster designs still don’t seem outdated

The most important part is the game software column. “Game Boy Complete File” includes about 1,200 games that have logged in the Game Boy family, and they are collected by year. This information includes the game’s release date, price, publisher, live images of the cassette cover, and in-game screenshots.

The editors have written a more or less introduction to each game, and organized them with the density of four games on one page. If they encounter a more heavyweight game, they will simply occupy the space of two games. Give readers two more words about the importance of the game.

If I had to say it, the moment I opened this book, I felt like I was back in the card rental shop when I was in elementary school. The store owner took out a thick data set and spread it out in front of you. Looking at the dazzling game data, you couldn’t decide which game to let you spend this lazy afternoon with you for a while.


These games are all figures that have appeared in the Game Boy’s 14-year history, and they will more or less have some features worthy of attention.

In order to facilitate the inquiry, the year of the game is printed on the side of the book, and you can directly open the chronological picture book you want to see from the side page. At the end of the book, a software retrieval table has also been compiled, and in order to facilitate the use of domestic readers, it has also been re-sorted in pinyin. All kinds of old and new games are printed with different background colors according to the difference between general and exclusive machines.

But to put it that way, The Game Boy Complete File is, at best, a decent illustrated book collection. The more interesting part of this book is that the editors are very happy to stuff some game accessories, advertising designs, and limited console introductions into the corners. This part, called the topic, is mostly hidden at the end of each year. Although it is small, it is enough to read.

介绍Game Boy周边配件的一页 A page that introduces Game Boy accessories

In general, this “Game Boy Complete File” is a very comprehensive “database” about the Game Boy and its game ecology, and the clear graphic materials are precious enough today. For readers, it is not only suitable as a dictionary-style collection of books, but also occasionally flips through old retro games, and maybe can get some inspiration from interesting settings.

As for the retro game hobby club signed by the author, it is from a group of Japanese fans who specialize in retro games. The detailed information, pictures, various texts and product information in the book must have been selected with considerable effort. When you hold the heavy book in your hand, you must be able to feel their share of the game.
Boy is connected with a heavy heart.

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