Gewuzhihe completed nearly 100 million yuan in Series A financing

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Recently, Gewuzhihe Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Gewuzhihe”) announced that it has completed nearly 100 million yuan in Series A financing, which was jointly led by Yuanhe Origin and Xingze Capital. The funds raised in this round of financing will be mainly used for the continuous research and development of the company’s series of independent innovation technology platforms in the direction of proteomics and spatial omics, and to accelerate the independent research and development of a new generation of ultra-sensitive single-molecule protein detection systems and related neurodegenerative disease markers Development and registration of biological detection kits.

Gewuzhihe was established in November 2019. Focusing on the fields of brain science and tumor, oriented by scientific research and clinical application, relying on the core advantages of independent research and development and resource integration of the team, it has strategically deployed hypersensitive protein detection, high-throughput The development of technical platforms such as transcriptome and spatial proteome will focus on the early screening and diagnosis of neurological diseases and accompanying detection, and successively launch a series of innovative products that can be widely used in clinical detection to fill the gap in this field in China. The company has gathered a group of management and R&D talents with rich experience in the field of precision medicine and a global perspective, with strong R&D, operation and commercialization capabilities.

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