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Good afternoon, in a blink of an eye, it’s late August, and the midsummer time is more than halfway through. If you have any game plans that haven’t been fulfilled, let’s go!

【Taiwan】Blockade is no longer an imagination

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan, arousing dissatisfaction in China and implementing a 72-hour blockade of military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. It also made Taiwanese society rarely aware of the close threat of war. As an island surrounded by sea, what will happen if it is really blocked? From the perspective of people’s livelihood, the new news special report takes stock of the consequences of shortages in the three major fields of food, energy and medicine and suggests ways to improve them, so as to provide more safety awareness.

Taiwan’s natural gas safety stock is only 11 days old. If the long-term blockade of the Taiwan Strait prevents ships from arriving in Taiwan, there will be a shortage of electricity. The picture shows the Italian Eni Group LNG ship. (Provided by CNPC Taiwan)

【China】Hari is guilty

Is wearing traditional costumes from other countries also considered “provocative” crimes? A woman in China was arrested at the police station for taking pictures wearing a yukata cosplay, and was forced to write a letter of repentance and confiscated her clothing. The anti-Japanese sentiment in the police is already too much. Commentator Jia Suzhi observed that although the government did not encourage anti-Japanese this time due to various factors, it highlights that the society has absorbed strong discourses against “cultural infiltration” and anti-imperial hegemony over the years, and the boundaries of the “Chinese” identity are becoming narrower and narrower. will lead to more and longer-term conflicts.

【Hong Kong】Restrictions on reporting are lifted

The Hong Kong court’s recent ruling to lift the “reporting restrictions under the delivery procedure” is good news rarely seen in judicial news. In Hong Kong, if a defendant is charged with an indictable crime such as the National Security Law, the magistrate will preliminarily examine whether the evidence is sufficient, but the media will not report it during the process. Even if the defendant applies for public reporting, the judge may reject it, which is like a secret trial in disguise. For example, in the case of 47 people arrested last year, the media was unable to report the case for 536 days because the delivery process was not completed. Now that the restrictions are lifted, the public can finally get a glimpse of their situation.

(taken from ReNews fan page)

【Herstory】A woman’s story

The book “Fang Siqi’s Paradise of First Love” aroused attention to the sexual assault of power on campus. A similar case has appeared again in Taiwan recently. Taichung woman A accused the teacher of the middle school who used interpersonal isolation, deception, threats, and imprisonment to force her underage to “associate” and sexually assault her for more than 4 years. Encountered exactly the same. Due to the many doubts aroused after the news was published, girlfriend A also wrote a book to describe the experiences of the victims she witnessed. At the end of the article, she also provided a “Guide to Victims of Powerful Sexual Assault”, hoping to help more survivors find the courage to survive.

【Birth of an idea】

I believe that the readers here are people who are very concerned about the international society and multiculturalism. In recent years, there have been many international news media with various characteristics in Taiwan. The “citizen journalism” on KOLs and social media shows that everyone can The spirit of producing journalism. There are a variety of factors behind this “craze”. The public’s attention to international news has risen along with Taiwan’s international participation and geopolitical visibility. Walking is actually one of the beneficiaries!

Taken from the report

[Community Hot Discussion] Unsolved Cases in Music History

“Drink it! The bottom of the cup can’t feed goldfish, so the hero comes to see each other by caesarean section; let’s take a step! It’s so worth it!”

This is the lyrics of the classic old Taiwanese song “No Goldfish at the Bottom of the Cup”, which most Taiwanese people like. Composer Lv Quansheng once witnessed the 228 Incident. He wrote this song because he hoped that local people and people from other provinces could combine wine and music, but the song was banned for many years in the era of white terror, and the lyricist Chen Dayu also fled Taiwan because of his left-leaning stance. Lu Quansheng’s name sees the light. Recently, a collector confirmed this from documents, and the descendants of Lu Quansheng also announced their willingness to return the excess royalties over the years, so that the history can be restored to its proper place, which moved many people.

[My Body, My Relationship] East Asian Exoticism

People who leave home to live in a foreign country in a cross-border marriage have to adapt to the impact of many concepts. Even a country with a similar culture and geography that seems to be familiar may not be easy, but it is more likely to be shattered. In recent years, there have been more and more marriages between Taiwan and Hong Kong and Taiwan and South Korea. Professor Huang Zongyi of cultural geography also compares the mutual imagination of Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea from the life of “Korean wives” and “Hong Kong wives”, as well as interesting gender differences.

【Good Works Collection Box】

A descendant of immigrants returns to the hometown of their elders and ancestors to piece together the family background while searching for land. It can be said to be a common form of discrete identity literature. But “Deep Mountains and Forests” is a bit special, not only because the scene of this journey of identification is in Taiwan, but also because the author Jieke Li also combines the expertise of a botanist to visit the deep and gentle Taiwanese mountains and forests, and take the natural The environment, culture, society and other backgrounds are blended into the life history of oneself and the family. The writing is full of emotion but maintains a certain degree of outsider’s eyes. It must be very fresh to Taiwan readers.

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