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【Taiwan】If the world lost its fog

Melting subway tracks in Europe, dozens of wildfires in the U.S. every day… The terrifying heatwave that blankets the northern hemisphere is a constant reminder of the existence of climate change, and the speed at which these turbulent changes are destroying nature is even more unimaginable. How should Taiwan’s ecological treasure “fog forest belt” (subtropical forest belt with high altitude and high moisture) resist warming? Among them, the part about the tea industry in Alishan is the most impressive. Tea trees are extremely sensitive to the environment and are the first victims of climate change. Click into the report to see what impact Taiwan’s precious high mountain tea industry is facing.

[China] Announcement on Suspension of Loans

If a person spends two generations of his family’s savings and borrows millions of yuan, but does not get a beautiful home, what should he do? The decision of hundreds of homeowners (homeowners) in China is: stop repaying the loan. Credit bankruptcy has nothing to do, because under the loopholes that the bank and the builders disregarded the contract, the owner paid the high mortgage but could not wait for the house to be handed over. However, more than 300 construction projects in China have become “unfinished buildings”, and the amount involved may be as high as 2 trillion yuan. Duan Media has tracked down the complex unfinished building issue, uncovered a confusing regulatory situation, and reflected the deep powerlessness endured by thousands or tens of thousands of affected families.

【Hong Kong】3rd Anniversary of 721 Incident

Three years ago, on July 21, there was an extremely disturbing scene of violence in the anti-revision movement in Hong Kong: a group of men in white waited at the Yuen Long subway station, systematically attacking protesters in black and ordinary citizens. After a large amount of video evidence, the police directed the incident to “fight” and “self-defense”. After three years, most of the people involved in the case have not been arrested, and the Hong Kong government is also suspected of colluding with gangsters. But outside the courtroom, 721 pierced the appearance of the rule of law and became a collective trauma in the hearts of many people. Under the shadow of official discourse, Hong Kong independent journalists are still making a review film for the third anniversary, facing up to and remembering unrecognized injuries.

【Herstory】New Girls Night School

“New Girls’ Night School” is the name given by the students in the list library. They do not want to be illiterate in the “literacy class”, nor do they want to be confined to the motherhood of the “mother class”. They were born in difficult times and have no chance to receive education. of middle-aged women come to night school precisely because they want to seize the opportunity to become “new women”. In particular, the teachers of the night school may only have a junior high school education, but they can better understand the difficulties encountered by the students due to their illiteracy. This is a typical inspirational story. There are women who lived to grow old to learn and help each other, but it is also the life history of rural women who found themselves in a helpless life, so they walked a few times and burst into tears. I recommend it to you. 🙂

Students in class ©Lanbiao Village Library (from the text)

【The Birth of an Idea】Give a good report

The great ideas I want to share this week are not new inventions or designs, but the process of generating “good reporting ideas.” People who subscribe to walks must be very fond of reading, but how does a good report content come out of ideas, interviews and writing? Through the sharing of the editor-in-chief of high-quality media reporters, we can get a glimpse of the aspects that need to be considered in the forming process of good reporting, and what are the respective roles of the media, reporters and editors. Readers interested in journalism should not miss it!

(From left) Zhuang Ruilin, editor-in-chief of Spring Mountain Publishing House, Li Xueli, editor-in-chief of The Reporter, Matters Lab, and Zhang Jieping, sponsor of the “Present” scholarship at the enclave bookstore. (Photo/Matters, taken from the text)

[Hot discussion in the community] Fire Buddha Xiu Yixin Sa Moo

The Taiwanese horror movie “Curse” topped the Netflix rankings, attracting overseas audiences and the discussion was very rich. Whether the movie is scary or not has different standards for everyone, but the description of cult beliefs in the film and the rich folk and religious background are also quite meaningful. This article describes in detail the reference sources of the gods involved in the film, as well as the cultural implications of the related stories. It may be slightly explosive, but it is highly recommended to watch it with the movie!

[My Body, My Relationship] One-night skin-to-skin kiss for Muslim women

Since the flourishing of feminism, women have been continuously encouraged to experience the pleasures of sex and enjoy the beauty of intimate contact. Although people still use the label of “dissolute” to examine women, they also use labels such as “boring” to label people who lack sexual experience. After a certain age, both no sexual experience and too much sexual experience seem to be classified as geeks. So what do they think about themselves? This New York Times submission came from a Muslim female screenwriter who felt that she was inexperienced in intimacy and wanted to solve the problem through a one-night stand. She more honestly shared her struggles and feelings during the process, and also expressed the voice of conservative women in an open culture. .

【Good Works Collection Box】

The Taiwan Women’s Studies Association is a unit that is very concerned about. The society not only deeply cultivates academic research in various fields such as women, gender equality, and queerness, but also often uses newspaper articles and lectures to popularize gender knowledge. Recently, they finally launched an audio program~ In the first episode, Professor Zhang Xiaohong was invited to share her analysis of the works and life of Zhang Ailing, the most influential Chinese writer. The host, Liu Wen, is a well-known queer theory researcher and has also written film reviews on the go. All in all, the lineup is so exciting that it makes you want to scream! Recommended to all readers to listen to.

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