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I have an Epson L3151 printer at home, which is very convenient. Back then, the preparation of materials for my child’s trip abroad was all done by this printer.

Recently, it was found that the printer lacks color, but the ink cartridges are full. In fact, most of them are black, and several other ink cartridges are full. In fact, it is obvious that it should be caused by the so-called nozzle blockage.

Try to download the manual, follow the instructions in the manual, and use the cleaning button on the printer to clean. But basically no effect.


This article on the Internet, I faced the operation and found that there is no printer in the preferences

Because of this printer, window10 is the default driver, so there is no additional driver installed, so many printer management functions are not available. Just download a driver and take a look.

Ink Tank® L3151 L315X Series Windows 64-bit Driver

Install it, it will solve the problem, and this menu will appear. For the operation, do a deep cleaning. It really consumes ink, and you can see the ink of the black ink cartridge is declining with the naked eye.

After the deep cleaning is completed, the color printing is normal.

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