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The virus has made people around the world panic, and thoughtfulness and respect have been quietly lost, making people even more worried about their possible situation after the diagnosis. I hope everyone can try their best to calm down and be each other’s backing.

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【Taiwan】The epidemic is tense

Taiwan’s COVID-19 confirmed cases hit a new high of 1,200, but from government units to civil society, they are not ready to revise their thinking on the prevention and control of the Qmicron variant virus. What should we do? In Hong Kong, South Korea and New Zealand, all densely populated island countries have borrowed the mirror. The reporter has sorted out the new thinking that Taiwan needs to have at this stage, which is in urgent need of reference.

【China】The limit of Shanghai people

Shanghai’s out-of-control epidemic prevention blockade has entered its third week (more than a month in some areas), and it is no longer a chaos. “Secondary disaster” is as simple as that. Let’s read together the shouting of the citizens of Shanghai with “Mrs. Maya” to understand the situation of disorder. The New York Times Chinese report analyzes the drawbacks of clinging to the clear thinking.

On April 12, epidemic prevention personnel in Shanghai were using loud voices to announce epidemic prevention measures to residents. (Associated Press)

【Hong Kong】Say good morning

Au Jialin, a senior Hong Kong media person, was arrested by the National Security Department on the 11th, saying that he was suspected of committing “the crime of conspiracy to publish seditious publications”. Fortunately, he was released on bail on the 12th. Ou Jialin produced many excellent news programs on Hong Kong TVB and “Stand News”, which was forced to close at the end of last year. After “Stand” was closed, he said good morning to the outside world on FB every day, and continued as usual after his release. Whether it is due to government arrests or the epidemic, in Hong Kong today, simple daily greetings may change at any time, so take a look at the multiple writing platforms that share Ou Jialin, and read every precious “morning” as much as possible!

【Herstory】Korean Ukrainian

This week’s Herstory is not so much a personal story as it is a history of migration of an ethnic group, condensed into this unique guest from Taiwan. The black-haired and yellow-skinned Shen Wusong is a Ukrainian of Korean descent. His ancestors lived in the former Soviet Union. During Stalin’s time, he was expelled from the Far East to Central Asia, and then moved to Ukraine. Today, he still embraces the identity of the Korean blood, but It is very different from the familiar Korean people in East Asia. Most importantly, the Ukrainian war once again caused them to experience turmoil, and Wu Song, who was studying as far away as Taiwan, was also inspired to explore more fringe shapes of identity. Zuozou once interviewed him about his feelings about the war in Ukraine. This time, through more personal interviews, I invite you to learn about the unique nation behind him and his family.

[Extended reading] Interview – coffee table, LINE group, Moscow representative office in Taiwan: When the hometown is caught in the flames of war, how do Ukrainians in Taiwan act?

Shen Wusong actively shared various information about the Ukraine war in the Line group. (Photo/Lin Tingwei)

[Birth of an idea] Reminder as a selling point

For creators, the deadline for submissions is a love-hate thing. It can stimulate production motivation and potential, but if you are a freelancer, you may procrastinate without supervision! … This “Category Café” in Tokyo, aware of the need of many creators to be “supervised”, came up with a business model that uses urging and rushing drafts as a selling point. Walking around also felt the pain point! I hope that such a creative work space can spawn more excellent works.

[Community discussion] The problem of black face

Hong Kong TV dramas let Chinese actresses “paint black faces” to play Filipino maids, which caused heated discussions between positive and negative. Although the actresses themselves worked hard to figure out the roles and accents, the content of the drama was still accused of violating stereotypes and fearing to deepen The state of incomprehension of Filipinos. Different from the migrant workers in Taiwan, Filipino residents also account for a certain proportion in Hong Kong. It is not that Filipino actors cannot be found. The behavior of “painting blackface” not only may consolidate the distorted impression of social reality, but also directly exacerbate the industry. racial inequality. Hollywood has long had the problem of finding white people to dress up as other ethnic groups. Hong Kong is almost a living copy of Hollywood’s color discrimination.

[My body, my relationship] When kissing becomes a KPI

Many things have their merits, but when it’s overstated as a “must do”, it can cause enormous stress and unnecessary harm. Yes, breastfeeding is just such a choice. When the nutrition of modern formula milk is not necessarily inferior to breast milk, many policies and health education information still regard breastfeeding as the absolute responsibility of a “good mother”, ignoring the differences in each person’s body functions. , and also ignore maternal mental health. Taiwan legislator Lin Changzuo and the gynecologist author of this article both reminded that only by letting go of the specific requirements for “perfect motherhood” can we truly achieve the goal of mother-infant friendship.

【Good Works Collection Box】

In the blink of an eye, it has been nearly 2 months since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war. This 21st century European war has made the whole world happy and eager to help understand and witness the memory of Ukraine. 1841 Press has compiled and published two books on the current Ukrainian defense at great speed, trying to share the suffering of the Ukrainians with readers, and the authors have also shown their support on a pro bono basis, let us continue to be with them .

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