Good article of the week: The action of saving the husband without begging for mercy from the oppressor

Good afternoon, the epidemic situation in Taiwan continues to heat up, and a new round of rapid screening real-name system purchases and vaccine administration plans are about to begin. I hope dear readers will always be “one line” and go out happily and go home healthy.

【Taiwan】The price of glory

Today, when the semiconductor industry affects the lifeline of the global economy, one of the top priorities of Taiwan’s industrial policy is to actively support the development of semiconductor leader TSMC and spare no effort. The economic fate of more than 23 million people is tied to TSMC, but it does not stop there. The latest topic of “New News” cuts in from the perspectives of public resources, environmental pollution, talent magnetism, local residents and labor conditions, etc. Under the ideal of semiconductor glory, the hidden costs that may be ignored by everyone, and more policy suggestions are put forward, hoping to promote TSMC and the society to be more mutually beneficial and symbiotic.

【China】The Return of Li Mingzhe

Taiwanese human rights worker Lee Ming-che returned to Taiwan in May. He was indicted by the CCP for “subversion of state power” and detained for five years . Now he has finally returned to his hometown. During this period, his wife Li Jingyu firmly refused any quid pro quo. Instead, she went to the world and called for help in a high-profile manner, forcing the CCP to pay attention to Li Mingzhe’s treatment in prison. In the face of totalitarian oppression, the story of husband and wife’s complete mutual trust and protection of dignity is moving. Li Jingyu also sorted out the rescue principles over the years and shared her experience as a family member of a Chinese political prisoner with the Taiwanese society.

On May 10, Li Mingzhe returned to Taiwan to hold a press conference, with his wife Li Jingyu on the right. (Photo by Cai Qinjie)

【Hong Kong】612 Humanitarian Aid Fund

Five well-known pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong were arrested on the 12th, including singer He Yunshi, barrister Wu Aiyi and others, and even 90-year-old bishop emeritus Chen Rijun. What they have in common is the trustee of the “612 Humanitarian Aid Fund” . The purpose and actions of this fund are only to help those arrested in the anti-amendment movement obtain necessary legal, medical, psychological counseling and other support, and still become the basis for accusations of “endangering national security.” Duan Media specially sorted out the ins and outs of this fund, as well as the roles and controversies of the five people in it.

The trustees of Hong Kong’s “612 Humanitarian Support Fund” were accused of violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law”. From left to right are Chen Rijun, Wu Aiyi, Xu Baoqiang, and He Yunshi. (AP)

【Herstory】”You’re helping the right thing to happen.”

Only three months after its establishment, the “Kiev Independent” originally planned to focus on uncovering fraud and resisting political interference by Russia and consortia, but because of an aggression, it became the largest English-language news source on the Ukrainian front. Editor-in-Chief Olga Rudenko used to be a shy girl with poor English skills. Now she leads a team of more than 20 people and provides first-hand battlefield news to 2 million followers. The war has changed them and the media, but she also believes that fortunately, news Working is a privilege at this time, because journalists know they are “helping to do the right thing.”

【Birth of an idea】HD photo of black hole

If there is only one picture you can remember this week, it will be it~ At the center of our galaxy, there is a huge black hole Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*). With the joint efforts of Taiwan and outstanding scholars in Europe and the United States, this perfect picture has become the existence of a black hole. The first visual evidence of ! Pan-scientific reports clearly illustrate the surprise of taking beautiful photos of black holes. Let’s enjoy the magical area of ​​the universe together. 🌌

(taken from Academia Sinica Facebook)

[Community discussion] Fan culture in court?

Johnny Depp may be a male domestic abuse victim, and Amber Heard may be a mentally tortured spouse, pending a court decision. However, in the past few weeks, the court proceedings of the two have become many meme jokes with the live broadcast. Johnny Depp’s huge fan base accumulated over the years has formed a public opinion field that cannot be ignored, questioning Hurd’s emotional performance, and even laughing “Why didn’t she come forward to complain about domestic violence earlier?” Not only did she not help the truth of the case, but it also spread many misogynistic remarks.

From April to May 2022, the lawsuit between Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp and movie star ex-wife Amber Heard will begin. (AP)

[My body, my relationship] The difficulty of inheriting feminism

Passing on the concept of sexual equality to the next generation is the ideal of many feminist mothers, but how to educate their children to “eradicate the legacy of patriarchy” is a big question. Zuozuo once shared the challenges of raising boys with a gender-neutral concept. Interestingly, the author of this week’s selection believes that raising a daughter may be a bigger challenge, making the mother reflect on whether she is not feminist enough “.

(Jon Flobrant on Unsplash)

【Good Works Collection Box】

The reporter launched a special topic on studying abroad in early January, which successfully attracted the attention of the society to relevant colleges and universities, and the judicial unit also began to investigate the terrible trap of higher education. The reporter also published a series of contents into a book, combining cartoons, photos, texts and handwritten letters from international students, etc., to record the public record of this major human rights incident.

(The picture is taken from the Facebook of Chen Yijing, Planning Director of Gaia Culture Comics Department)

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