If my girlfriend and I swap souls, will you choose my body or my soul?

△ 134|If my girlfriend and I exchange souls, will you choose my body or my soul?

Today’s topic is still taken from a mentally disabled emotional problem. I think it is as brainless as “If we are not together, will you cheat on me if you meet me?” So, today’s article is the same as the previous one Let that article be a companion article.

At first glance, this question is a little more outrageous than the last “Soul Torture”, but I think there is more to be pondered about. “If we weren’t together, would you cheat on me when you met me?” This question obviously still has practical significance, because maybe the person who is asked this question may really have the urge to want a divorce—— Who can stand to be with a bitch/bitch who asks stupid questions like this all day!

But “if my girlfriend and I exchange souls, will you choose my body or my soul?” This question is different, because it has no practical significance, so it is worth discussing – this kind of almost philosophical discussion , more like a debate. But there is a big “hole” in the debate. We all know that debates tend to be pros and cons, that is, either choose your bestie’s body and your soul, or you can only choose your boudoir bestie’s soul – but from an adult’s point of view, you can’t choose both ? Questions that cannot be defined by pros and cons are fun to debate —but also unpleasant for those who ask them.

The fun of this kind of question is not the answerer, but what kind of answer the questioner wants to get – because I can be 100% sure that the standard answer in the answerer’s heart is to have both. There will be a second answer – who can stand being with a bitch/bitch who asks stupid questions like this all day! So what kind of answer the questioner wants to get is the topic we need to discuss today.

After thinking hard for a while, if I change to a female perspective, I need to be so stupid to ask such a question, and the answer I want to get is really not easy to choose-because my heart is already paradoxical. But at this time, the “troublesome” male thinking has come out to simplify the complex, the best result is – let him fuck my body, let my soul face him face to face, let him only think My Soul – Why is there a bridge in “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

As is customary to write here, it is necessary to turn out a story to tell.

Before my family found out that I was a “picker”, they were still willing to take me to other people’s wedding banquets, probably because they felt that it would be a bit of a loss if they didn’t bring a child to dinner. Every time I go to someone else’s wedding, I hear all kinds of funny gossip. The most often heard is: you see that the bride is actually a bit like his previous girlfriend who has been talking for a long time. Because it has not been recorded exactly, but this question is really a topic that “the man’s mother and sister’s gang table” likes to talk about.

When the newlyweds appeared at the wedding, these aunties started to point and whisper and commented, nothing more than “this woman is not as good-looking as the previous one” “this woman actually looks like the previous one” “Look at you look. From this angle, it looks too similar.” Although I don’t know what the previous one looks like, I can see the two of them at this moment from the eyebrows of the two newcomers, at least I am satisfied with this marriage Yes, the man did not find a similar body to comfort the soul, and the woman did not know that she was loved by the body and not the soul.

Once I finally couldn’t bear it anymore, I asked, “Then if the previous one comes back, will this woman realize that she is just a substitute?” This sentence was not only severely criticized by my mother. At one point, I was deprived of the right to participate in other people’s weddings and eat.

But this problem cannot but be avoided – since they all feel that this woman is very similar to the man’s ex, the secret will eventually be revealed – the woman suddenly appeared and returned to the man’s line of sight; A group photo that I forgot to delete; or a photo of the past in my diary… When the woman who fell in love with her “similarity” saw a woman who was somewhat similar to herself, she felt in her heart Somewhat apprehensive and suspicious. Even if no one told her the fact that she was most unwilling to face, she would make up a complete drama herself – because she was not the man’s first choice after all.

At this time, if there is really a game of exchanging souls, then the relationship between the three will have something worth pondering about – this is quite a bit of a Taiwanese idol drama decades ago, but it is even if it is placed in the Today’s reality is still full of drama. But since it is an idol drama, there are also many vulgarities – that is, the male protagonist can only choose one of them, and if the other is not selected, it seems that he will face the ending of “exploding in place”. Then this is somewhat unrealistic-because it goes back to the original answer, everyone will choose to have both of them-even if a group of moral policemen enforce the law and criticize them, those episodes of getting together with their first love many years later Is there less?

Now think about it, I have to take back what I said at the beginning – “If I swap souls with my girlfriend, will you choose my body or my soul?” strong practicality. An ex who looks a lot like himself, and a soul who may meet the same soul as himself in the future, these questions themselves are testing everyone all the time.

But how to answer this question, the answer is the same, most people will choose both – but no matter how you ask, the answer can’t be made, because they don’t realize that they are trapped in this question in the end.

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