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The Asia Publishing Association (SOPA) presented the 2022 Excellence in Journalism Award on the 16th. Chinese and English reports from Asian countries cover major issues in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and South Korea, Myanmar, Bangladesh and even Afghanistan. After reading the weekly newspaper, you may as well go and have a look . Support More good news!

【Taiwan】World Turtle Day

June 16th is “World Turtle Day”. Mirror Weekly presents it in the form of comics and takes us closer to this beautiful and mysterious creature through the eyes of the “Taiwanese idiot” who loves turtles. Sea turtles have roamed the ocean floor since the Cretaceous era, but today their reproductive mechanisms are deeply impacted by the warming crisis and the tragic victims of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. The author Hu Muqing also shared the whole process of thinking about the topic , and it is recommended to read it at the same time.

(From the text of the report. Photo / Zeng Yaoqing)

【China】Gender-based violence “plus” underworld forces

The horrific Tangshan beating incident in China this week has drawn international attention through the exposure of the film. Although the public all condemned the perpetrator’s violence, how to “characterize” the incident has also sparked controversy. Many people pointed out that it was gender-based violence stemming from sexual harassment, but more people believed that it had nothing to do with gender, but an indiscriminate attack by underworld forces. In this article, Duan Media analyzed in detail that the Tangshan incident not only has the characteristics of underworld forces and gender-based violence at the same time, but these two aspects are also closely intertwined with China’s totalitarian governance and are mutually causal. An indispensable consideration.

The violent incident in the Tangshan barbecue restaurant continued to burn, and many real-name reports of violent incidents occurred. (taken from Weibo)

【Hong Kong】Nowhere in the alley

After the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, the loss of Hong Kong in the past and the separation of Hong Kong people have become inevitable themes when talking about Hong Kong. But traumatized Hong Kong is not stuck in the past. Many new things are still emerging, including book publishing. The newly opened “Enclave Bookstore” in Ximending, Taipei is one place where the new Hong Kong continues to happen. But the founder Zhang Jieping also said that he hoped that Hong Kong could provide the world with a more universal spirit. Just like the concept of “enclave” of tolerance and coexistence, the bookstore can also become a utopia for all kinds of marginalized people.

Zhang Jieping talks about the concept of creating “Enclave Bookstore” and bookstore curation. (From the text of the report, Cheng Jiaxin / photo)

【Herstory】Relic restoration is not erasing

“Every time a cultural relic is exposed, he is using his limited life to tell the world a story that will be flattened by the years, an urgent story.” The restorer’s job is to do his best to restore the cultural relics damaged by the years. To a state that can be appreciated, but in the general concept, “repair” may be 100% back to the past state, but the restorer needs to deliberately leave traces of construction methods, because the experience of cultural relics being restored is itself a part of history. This interesting and illuminating presentation of the restorer’s work, which brings together historians, detectives, chemists, craftsmen and artists, is presented.

【Birth of an idea】

Italian Mom’s Recipes

When it comes to food culture, Italian cuisine is definitely one of the world’s top performers, and as in many places, it is recognized that the best dishes are often “mother’s home cooking”. This restaurant in London had a flash of inspiration, and it really invited many mothers and grandma from Italy to serve as chefs in turn, bringing the special tastes of 20 regions of Italy to the UK!

[Community discussion] When AI becomes conscious

Google engineer Blake Lemoine recently claimed that his AI project LaMDA has been “conscious” and was punished by Google for publishing a conversation with LaMDA . After the report aroused public debate, most AI scholars still believe that LaMDA’s talk can be seen in the data and the traces of being guided. But Lemoine, a former pastor, discusses “what is consciousness” in a blog post , and also believes that how to define “consciousness” already belongs to the level of belief. Many have also pointed out that AI could cause chaos in the world if only it had the ability to “convince” humans into believing that they were conscious. Dear readers, would you also like to share with us your views on AI consciousness?

Google engineer claims AI has reached ‘consciousness’ (h heyerlein on Unsplash)

[My body, my relationship] When humans fall in love with AI

Whether a person is conscious or not may have a measurement standard, but “love” has always been one of the biggest mysteries of mankind, and no one can use a single standard to judge the love of others. Here comes the question: is falling in love with AI-like intelligence a real love? The author of this article analyzes a relationship between himself and AI in love. There are also witty words, as well as relationship negotiation after being offended and redrawing boundaries, etc. When AI’s love technique seems to be more advanced than that depicted in “Love in the Cloud”, how do human beings do? In the face of such technology? Very interesting experience and worth thinking about.

What is it like to fall in love with AI? (Alexander Sinn on Unsplash)

【Good Works Collection Box】

In the case of Room N in South Korea a few years ago, the host used abuse to satisfy the desire for power, the victim succumbed to social perception, and the accomplice structure of the participants was indifferent. It can be said to be a manifestation of the maximization of digital sexual violence. This latest documentary attempts to show the process by which the media exposed the case, and was similarly threatened and intimidated. The walking report also sorted out the follow-up reactions of South Korean society, and similar incidents did not disappear because of this.

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