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Yesterday, a friend on social media asked me in shock: “Why do you cancel Douban and Weibo?”

I asked him how you found out. He said that he hadn’t noticed anything I posted for a long time, and that too many magical things had happened in the past six months. He thought that I had been locked in a small dark room for a while because of my speech, but he found me in the previous comments. , only to know that I have voluntarily logged out.

I replied angrily: “I have been logged out for almost half a year, and you found out that I am gone, which means that I am just a dispensable person in his neighbors.” The final method is to Google It was only after “Writing Before the New Year 2022” that I was sure that I actually wrote a blog, and instead of the column “Writing Before the New Year” that should be regularly published on Douban every year.

For this friend, I am a somewhat ritualistic person who mysteriously sets a “theme” for myself every year, so he mistakenly thought that the theme I set for myself this year should be “Talk less, do more” , so I have never seen my figure on Douban. This is quite interesting to me, that is to say, during half a year, a person is actually “dispensable” to social media. If you don’t pay attention to and understand yourself, you may forget about it in half a year. the existence of a person. And if you remember a person, it will take almost half a year to realize the “strangeness”. When I canceled Douban last year, it was indeed my “sudden” decision, and there was no “farewell ceremony”.

Of course, for most “friends” on social media, other people’s accounts are always a dispensable existence. Even some real friends around me will not express surprise because my Douban has disappeared. They will only determine it based on their cognition. You are probably a person who has left Douban and will no longer think. For them, because there is no way to understand, the parties will naturally stay at the moment when they finally cancel Douban, and there will be no growth or change in any sense in the past few years.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of a “black market” – the sale of sets of pictures. It’s not the sale of pornographic content, but a package sale of a handsome guy, a business manager, or a successful person’s friend trap. I always had a question in the beginning, where the hell did all this original content come from? Maybe it was automatically grabbed from a person’s circle of friends or social media, would they know that there is a person in this world who is using their set of pictures to maintain a false identity, and this person seems to be far away Their deities are far away, but maybe one day there will be a wonderful intersection.

Some time ago, I thought about a plan, that is, when I can no longer maintain the operation of the blog, whether it can be handed over to others. But the nature of its existence will become a “set of pictures from another world” mode. Although it is disguised as the same person, it will soon be recognized by familiar people.

As for why, it is interesting to say that a friend of mine just left a comment on this thought: experience is the soul of words, how to form a living body, only those who have experienced it know, this is the meaning and value of words where. Without experiencing what I experienced, there is no way to make those souls into a body. Of course, text creation itself is a process of reprocessing. Maybe someone else will get my experience and write a more interesting story, which is like “a set of pictures from another world”, he originally belongs to him life and experience.

Last year, I wrote a script to kill. At the beginning, the conflicting setting of the story was set based on the point of “reality level”. For example, the reason why a ghost will entangle a living person is sometimes a coincidence. But for colleagues who often play the script to kill the test, they do not understand the meaning of this “coincidence”. For them, because they haven’t experienced it, they feel that the coincidences of being targeted by ghosts are not dramatic and possible at all – even as a player, they will be haunted by ghosts for “such a boring reason”. Feel angry and annoyed.

I have also thought about whether to insist on it. For my wife and I, because of our occupation, such “ghost-infested” is actually very “classic” and educational. In terms of user needs of conflicts, contradictions and coincidences, this experience is very “mediocre” or even absurd. I later killed and changed several versions of this script. Although it has completely detached from the original realistic meaning of “haunted by ghosts”, the characters in the story seem to have gradually left me due to the changes in experience. However, I leave those “realistic meanings” to “If You Are Free After I Die”, what I want to describe are those who “died ordinary”, and there may be no dramatic conflict and drama behind them like script killing. Subversive contradictions, but there is a knot about obsession that cannot be untied, and that knot remains in our hearts when we are still alive.

Alright, let’s get back to the topic. The friend who found out that I canceled Douban after half a year asked me: Is there any difference in the half year of canceling Douban?

I thought about it for three days, but I didn’t come up with it, because I didn’t have much sense of ceremony when I canceled Douban, so I didn’t make too many plans for “the next stage of efforts” for the behavior of canceling Douban. The new 500-day writing is also an inexplicable start, in order to restore the brain’s sensitivity to words, and then go back and revise a version of last year’s script and novel, that’s all. But he had a kind of “expectation” for me, thinking that behind the big ceremony of canceling Douban, there must be a bigger plan . Contradictions can reflect the atmosphere of reunion and the entanglements that have spread out again.

Just like the characters originally set in the script killing, they may have been implicated just because of a “wonderful but ordinary” opportunity, but bystanders did not buy it, because what they wanted to see were the “good gatherings” behind the scenes. But in reality, they experienced the sadness of getting together and not going away, but they were deeply moved by the ending of a movie that was “good gathering and good dispersal”.

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