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Last week, I took the time to record a videothe backstage data sharing after writing the 20th issue of the newsletter , and finally fulfilled my promise to everyone – after writing the 20th issue, I made the backstage data public. You can go below 👇 Watch on two platforms:

I have also disclosed the background data on Twitter before, but the number of subscriptions at that time was relatively small, and it was not as comprehensive as this time. I think this video is useful and can be forwarded to other friends.

Purpose of sharing

In fact, there are several purposes for sharing:

  1. It is to give similar creators a reference
  2. It is to give some confidence to the students who are eager to try but undecided
  3. It is to satisfy readers who are simply interested in background data

Building in Public is popular now, and many friends translate it as ” transparent entrepreneurship “. I also want to do the same, and share my data, experience and creative process, although I don’t know if it can really provide some value. , but I firmly believe that open source is better than closed source . In addition, being open and transparent is also a kind of examination of oneself, starting from interest and ending with insight.

Some conclusions from the data

In order to prevent some students from thinking that my video is too long-winded, I have summarized the following conclusions. I only show the data in the video , and the conclusion is not specific. After I sent it to my friends, they also summarized some of them. I will also write them here:

  • Lay the foundation in the early stage, and try to win seed subscribers when the output quality and frequency are guaranteed
  • Consecutive topics make it easier to consistently gain subscriptions
  • Wechat reading volume is very low
  • The open rate will return to 40%-50%
  • Content on “Productivity” topics is the most popular
  • The reading volume of active promotion will be higher


At the end, I shared a PPT Make a living from writing a newsletter (English, can be understood as a newsletter creation guide) I read over the weekend. I learned a lot from it, and I will try to apply it later.

In addition, the platform I use, Zhubai , officially launched the membership plan last week. Interested students can go and learn about it.

Finally, thank you for your long-term support to GeekPlux Lab , we will see you soon.

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