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 According to Titanium Media App on August 31st, GoodWe issued a clarification announcement. On August 29th, the relevant media published the title of "Investigation | Inverter Industry-wide Data Fraud? An article on the Mystery of Overseas Sales of Growatt, GoodWe, and Shouhang Xinneng". The company immediately paid attention to the above report and immediately carried out a serious inspection. After verification, the content of the above media report is not true. The company's sales in the top 15 countries or regions for overseas sales in 2021 will account for 92.27% of its overseas sales revenue in 2021, while the "Survey" only mentions four countries: Brazil, India, Turkey, and Mexico. Sales revenue will account for 22.34% of overseas sales revenue in 2021. Regarding overseas sales, according to the different delivery methods stipulated in the contract/order signed with the customer, the company will deliver the goods at the factory and confirm the transfer of the goods rights by the customer, the goods bill of lading has been issued and the export declaration procedures have been completed, and the goods will be shipped directly to the contract. When the agreed place and the customer's signature and other conditions are met, it is determined that the control of the goods has been transferred and the realization of the income is confirmed. The data mentioned in the "Investigation" is the import data of the trading country, and the customs export data related to the company's accounting income confirmation There are differences in timing and so on. .

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